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(Please note: With a TEKLYNX Subscription License or active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), your product will be supported regardless of what version it is, or if it is within the support phase).

Product Name* Release Date Last Sell Date End of Support
LABEL MATRIX 4.90 24-Apr-00 09-May-01 09-May-02
LABEL MATRIX 5.00 10-Nov-00 01-Jun-03 01-Jun-04
LABEL MATRIX 5.00.01 19-Feb-01 01-Jun-03 01-Jun-04
LABEL MATRIX 5.00.04 20-Aug-01 01-Jun-03 01-Jun-04
LABEL MATRIX 7.0 03-Dec-02 06-Apr-04 06-Apr-05
LABEL MATRIX 7.01 06-Apr-04 09-Nov-04 09-Nov-05
LABEL MATRIX 7.02 09-Nov-04 26-Sep-06 26-Sep-07
LABEL MATRIX 8.00 26-Sep-06 12-Jun-07 12-Jun-08
LABEL MATRIX 8.10 12-Jun-07 09-Jan-09 09-Jan-10
LABEL MATRIX 8.20 09-Jan-09 14-Jul-09 14-Jul-10
LABEL MATRIX 8.30 14-Jul-09 15-Dec-09 15-Dec-10
LABEL MATRIX 8.50 15-Dec-09 15-Feb-11 15-Feb-12
LABEL MATRIX 8.60 15-Feb-11 31-Jan-12 31-Jan-13
LABEL MATRIX 8.70 31-Jan-12 03-Apr-13 03-Apr-14
LABEL MATRIX 2012 03-Apr-13 12-Aug-14 12-Aug-15
LABEL MATRIX 2014 12-Aug-14 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
LABEL MATRIX 2015 13-Oct-15 20-Mar-18 20-Mar-19
LABEL MATRIX 2018 20-Mar-18 -- --
LABELVIEW 5.41 -- 13-Jan-00 13-Jan-01
LABELVIEW 6.00 13-Jul-99 21-Apr-00 21-Apr-01
LABELVIEW 6.01 21-Oct-99 21-Jul-00 21-Jul-01
LABELVIEW 6.02 21-Jan-00 09-Feb-01 09-Feb-02
LABELVIEW 6.04 09-Aug-00 16-Jul-01 16-Jul-02
LABELVIEW 6.05 16-Jan-01 13-Aug-01 13-Aug-02
LABELVIEW 6.06 13-Feb-01 14-Nov-01 14-Nov-02
LABELVIEW 6.07 14-May-01 06-May-02 06-May-03
LABELVIEW 6.08 06-Nov-01 26-Dec-02 26-Dec-03
LABELVIEW 6.09 26-Jun-02 19-Apr-03 19-Apr-04
LABELVIEW 7.00 19-Oct-02 02-Dec-02 02-Dec-03
LABELVIEW 7.01 02-Dec-02 21-Apr-03 21-Apr-04
LABELVIEW 7.02 21-Apr-03 15-Dec-03 15-Dec-04
LABELVIEW 7.03 15-Dec-03 22-Jun-04 22-Jun-05
LABELVIEW 7.04 22-Jun-04 25-Feb-05 25-Feb-06
LABELVIEW 7.05 01-Mar-05 18-Oct-05 18-Oct-06
LABELVIEW 8.00 18-Oct-05 15-Jun-06 15-Jun-07
LABELVIEW 8.01 15-Jun-06 13-Oct-06 13-Oct-07
LABELVIEW 8.02 13-Oct-06 21-Nov-06 21-Nov-07
LABELVIEW 8.03 21-Nov-06 12-Jun-07 12-Jun-08
LABELVIEW 8.10 12-Jun-07 21-Oct-08 21-Oct-09
LABELVIEW 8.20 21-Oct-08 26-Jan-10 26-Jan-11
LABELVIEW 8.50 26-Jan-10 24-May-11 24-May-12
LABELVIEW 8.60 24-May-11 23-Jun-11 01-Oct-12
LABELVIEW 9.00 23-Jun-11 05-Jun-12 05-Jun-13
LABELVIEW 10.00 05-Jun-12 03-Apr-13 03-Apr-14
LABELVIEW 2012 03-Apr-13 04-Feb-14 04-Feb-15
LABELVIEW 2014 04-Feb-14 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
LABELVIEW 2015 13-Oct-15 20-Mar-18 20-Mar-19
LABELVIEW 2018 20-Mar-18 -- --
CODESOFT 4.02 15-Jan-98 16-May-99 16-May-00
CODESOFT 5.04 30-Mar-00 09-Apr-01 09-Apr-02
CODESOFT 6.00 05-Dec-02 05-Apr-04 05-Apr-05
CODESOFT 6.01 02-Jan-01 07-Dec-01 07-Dec-02
CODESOFT 6.02 07-Jun-01 16-Jan-02 16-Jan-03
CODESOFT 6.02.01 16-Jul-01 11-Apr-02 11-Apr-03
CODESOFT 6.03 11-Oct-01 28-Dec-02 28-Dec-03
CODESOFT 6.04 28-Jun-02 05-Jun-03 05-Jun-04
CODESOFT 6.10 05-Dec-02 05-Apr-04 05-Apr-05
CODESOFT 7.00 06-Oct-03 20-Jul-04 20-Jan-05
CODESOFT 7.10 20-Jul-04 24-Jan-06 24-Jan-07
CODESOFT 8.0 24-Jan-06 12-Jun-07 12-Jun-08
CODESOFT 8.50 12-Jun-07 20-Dec-08 20-Dec-09
CODESOFT 8.51 20-Dec-08 17-Nov-09 17-Nov-10
CODESOFT 9.00 17-Nov-09 24-May-11 24-May-12
CODESOFT 9.10 24-May-11 30-May-12 30-May-13
CODESOFT 10.00 30-May-12 25-Jul-12 25-Jul-13
CODESOFT 10.01 25-Jul-12 03-Apr-13 03-Apr-14
CODESOFT 2012 03-Apr-13 04-Feb-14 04-Feb-15
CODESOFT 2014 04-Feb-14 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
CODESOFT 2015 13-Oct-15 20-Mar-18 20-Mar-19
CODESOFT 2018 20-Mar-18 -- --
SENTINEL 2 with CODESOFT 10-Dec-99 15-Mar-04 01-Nov-04
SENTINEL 2.01 with CODESOFT 5.03.06 13-Oct-00 15-Mar-04 01-Nov-04
SENTINEL 2.11 with CODESOFT 5.04.04 08-Feb-01 15-Mar-04 01-Nov-04
SENTINEL 2.21 with CODESOFT 6.02.01 07-Jun-01 15-Mar-04 01-Nov-04
SENTINEL 2.22 with CODESOFT 03-Oct-01 15-Mar-04 01-Nov-04
SENTINEL 3.00 with CODESOFT 30-Jan-02 15-Sep-04 15-Sep-05
SENTINEL 3.10 with CODESOFT 30-Aug-02 15-Sep-04 15-Sep-05
SENTINEL 4.10 with CODESOFT 7.00 15-Mar-04 26-Jan-06 26-Jan-07
SENTINEL 5.00 with CODESOFT 8.00 26-Jan-06 26-Jun-07 26-Jun-08
SENTINEL 5.03 with CODESOFT 8.50 26-Jun-07 18-Jan-08 18-Jan-09
SENTINEL 5.04 with CODESOFT 8.50 18-Jan-08 21-Apr-08 21-Apr-09
SENTINEL 5.05 with CODESOFT 8.50 21-Apr-08 05-Oct-10 05-Oct-11
SENTINEL 6.00 with CODESOFT 9.00 05-Oct-10 21-Jun-11 21-Jun-12
SENTINEL 6.10 with CODESOFT 9.10 21-Jun-11 30-May-12 30-May-13
SENTINEL 10.00 with CODESOFT 10.00 30-May-12 16-Apr-13 16-Apr-14
SENTINEL 2012 with CODESOFT 2012 16-Apr-13 25-Mar-14 25-Mar-15
SENTINEL 2014 with CODESOFT 2014 25-Mar-14 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
SENTINEL 2015 with CODESOFT 2015 13-Oct-15 20-Mar-18 20-Mar-19
SENTINEL 2018 with CODESOFT 2018 20-Mar-18 -- --
LABEL ARCHIVE 2.00 07-Dec-06 07-May-08 07-May-09
LABEL ARCHIVE 2.04 07-May-08 21-Oct-08 21-Oct-09
LABEL ARCHIVE 2.05 21-Oct-08 16-Feb-10 16-Feb-11
LABEL ARCHIVE 3.00 16-Feb-10 05-Oct-10 05-Oct-11
LABEL ARCHIVE 3.10 05-Oct-10 07-Dec-10 07-Dec-11
LABEL ARCHIVE 3.20 07-Dec-10 06-Apr-11 06-Apr-12
LABEL ARCHIVE 3.30 06-Apr-11 24-Jul-12 24-Jul-13
LABEL ARCHIVE 10.00 24-Jul-12 22-Jul-13 22-Jul-14
LABEL ARCHIVE 2012 22-Jul-13 25-Mar-14 25-Mar-15
LABEL ARCHIVE 2014 25-Mar-14 13-Oct-15 13-Oct-16
LABEL ARCHIVE 2015 13-Oct-15 20-Mar-18 20-Mar-19
LABEL ARCHIVE 2018 20-Mar-18 -- --
TEKLYNX CENTRAL 3.00 05-Apr-12 01-Sep-14 01-Sep-15
TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.00 01-Sep-14 19-May-15 19-May-16
TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.50 19-May-15 24-Jan-17 24-Jan-18
TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.60 24-Jan-17 02-Oct-18 02-Oct-19
TEKLYNX CENTRAL 5.00 02-Oct-18 -- --
BACKTRACK 4.50 13-Sep-05 19-Jun-07 19-Jun-08
BACKTRACK 5.00 19-Jun-07 08-Jun-08 18-Jun-09
BACKTRACK 6.00 18-Jun-08 07-Nov-08 07-Nov-09
BACKTRACK 6.00.01 07-Nov-08 02-Nov-09 02-Nov-10
BACKTRACK 6.00.02 02-Nov-99 02-Feb-10 02-Feb-11
BACKTRACK 6.00.03 02-Feb-10 21-Sep-10 21-Sep-11
BACKTRACK 6.00.04 21-Sep-10 11-Oct-11 11-Oct-12
BACKTRACK 7.00.00 11-Oct-11 02-Jul-12 02-Jul-13
BACKTRACK 7.01.10 02-Jul-12 24-Apr-13 24-Apr-14
BACKTRACK 2012 24-Apr-13 22-Nov-16 22-Nov-17
BACKTRACK 2015 22-Nov-16 -- --
* All product editions are included in the support life cycle (for example, LABEL MATRIX QuickDraw and PowerPro).