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At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.




Integrating your label printing system with your business system helps maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Your label printing system can be integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), laboratory information management system (LIMS), supply chain management systems (SCM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or custom homegrown system.


TEKLYNX customers can integrate their label printing with any business system, including DELMIAWorks (formerly Enterprise IQ/IQMS), Epicor, Global Shop Solutions, IFS, Infor, Microsoft Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle JD Edwards, Sage, SAP, SYSPRO, and many more.



ERP-Driven Labeling


ERP system labeling integrationBusiness System Labeling Integration


TEKLYNX low-code integration method means that upgrading is a breeze - not a hassle. 


Why do we keep integration universal?


Label Printing Integration for Developers


The TEKLYNX SDK offers software publishers and solution providers a powerful and customizable barcode label printing solution to enhance existing product offerings.


  • Approach label design and printing differently, by integrating it into your existing application. The TEKLYNX SDK is made for software developers and solution providers to embed high-quality barcode label printing within a WMS, ERP system, LIMS, custom-built application, and more. 



Powering advanced label design & printing


Frequently Asked Questions About Labeling System Integration

Integrate with business systems Integrate with business systems
Why is low-code integration the best option for my business?

Universal, low-code integration has more benefits than custom integration. With universal integration, your business system simply adds a record to a database or generates a flat file with the information needed to print. The label printing system sees the new record or file and triggers the print job. Universal, low-code integration is easy to work with and takes minimal internal resources or training.  

Reduce errors Reduce errors
What is the benefit of integrating my labeling system with my business system?

Integration with your business, ERP or WMS system helps to minimize errors, increase print speeds, and maximize ROI.


Read the Flex-Strut case study to see how TEKLYNX helped increase their printing speed by 100%

Increase efficiency Increase efficiency
When it's time to upgrade my business system, how long will it take?

If you choose a universal, low-code integration method, your upgrade will be quick and easy. Deep integrations with your business system or ERP can delay your upgrade process due to unforeseen issues with developers and code. When it's time to upgrade your business system, if it can continue to generate the flat file, your integrated barcode label printing software from TEKLYNX will continue to work. 

Internet access Internet access
How do I integrate with RESTful API?

RESTful API (Representational State Transfer API) is a popular architectural style for creating or building web services that allow different software systems to bi-directionally communicate with each other over the internet. RESTful API has been used by manufacturers for various purposes, including streamlining their labeling processes.


By using RESTful API, manufacturers can integrate their labeling software with other systems, such as their ERP or WMS, to automatically retrieve product data, generate accurate and consistent labels, and improve the overall efficiency of their labeling processes. This integration also helps reduce errors and achieve compliance with industry regulations and standards.

How to Prove ROI by Integrating Labeling with Your ERP System



Oracle Label Printing Integration


Choose the right label printing integration for your Oracle system. TEKLYNX does things differently, with a low-code integration that makes maintenance and upgrades a breeze.


SAP Label Printing Integration


What if you could create and print your labels faster, without human interaction? Learn how integrating your label printing system with SAP can do just that.


Global Shop Solutions Integration


TEKLYNX barcode label print automation software uses low-code integration with Global Shop Solutions that makes labeling changes fast, reliable, and error-free.


Kallik Artwork Management Integration


TEKLYNX and Kallik present unmatched expertise in labeling and artwork management for highly regulated industries, including medical device & pharmaceutical.


Confident LIMS Label Printing


Confident LIMS and CODESOFT's integration streamlines the labeling process for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors while ensuring accurate and up-to-date data every time. 


Metrc Cannabis Compliance Software Integration


As a validated Metrc integrator, TEKLYNX is helping cannabis companies bridge the gap between a powerful label designer and Metrc data to print compliant and high-quality labels on demand.


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