Codesoft Labelview Label Matrix Label Design Solutions

Label Design Solutions

Product Comparison

  Enterprise Pro Gold Pro PowerPro QuickDraw
Feature Enterprise Pro Gold Pro PowerPro QuickDraw
Server-based automated printing* (with SENTINEL) x          
Secure label tracking and storage* (with LABEL ARCHIVE) x          
Browser-based network printing* (with TEKLYNX CENTRAL) x          
Configurable print form** x   x      
UNICODE font support x x x x    
Ability to print from serial device (scale, scanner, etc.) (PortWatch only available in CODESOFT Enterprise) x x        
Automatic printing from a file capture** x x        
Database Management Utility included x x x x x  
Print-only and network versions available x   x x x  
Virtual machine product available (tested and supported on virtual machines) x x x x x  
RFID Support x          
Advanced database connectivity x   x   x  
2D barcode support x x x x x  
Support for over 3,000 label printers for ideal performance x x x x x  
Compatible with Windows printer drivers x x x x x x
Support for over 50 linear and 2D barcodes x x x x x  
Multilingual support x x x x x x
Ability to input variable data at print time x x x x x x
Create and print labels with fixed text, barcodes, and images x x x x x x
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  • Indicates recommendation level for each product edition
  • *   Integration with other TEKLYNX applications
  • **  Requires add-on
Codesoft Sentinal Label Archive Teklynx Central Enterprise Label Management Solutions

Enterprise Label
Management Solutions

Product Comparison

Feature Codesoft Sentinel* Label Archive* Teklynx Central*
Bar code label design x     x
RFID support x     x
Database support x     x
Most flexible and powerful x     x
Industry label templates x     x
UNICODE font support x     x
Centralized management   x x x
Automated printing   x   x
Label file management     x x
Label security     x x
Label approval workflow     x x
Internet browser interface   x x x
Simplified end-user interface       x
Label process control     x x
Helps meet 21 CFR, GHS and other compliance requirements**     x x
Mobile label printing app available for iOS and Android       x
  • *   Enterprise interoperability available only with CODESOFT
  • ** TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR and TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS are designed specifically to address 21 CFR, GHS, and other compliance requirements