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At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


TEKLYNX CENTRAL All-In-One Labeling Solution

Manage your entire labeling process, centrally


A centralized label management solution that handles label design, approval, printing, and reporting can help organizations with complex labeling requirements. With the ability to manage supply chain labeling and integrate with ERP and other business systems, TEKLYNX CENTRAL helps you increase operational efficiency.

    • Print anywhere with a browser-based label printing interface
    • Combines label design, traceability, and print automation for an all-in-one labeling solution
    • Complete version history and audit trail through a label's lifecycle
    • Manage unlimited printers from a single server, on-premise or in the cloud


We make great companies even better with centralized label management.

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Key Features of TEKLYNX CENTRAL Centralized Label Management Software


Scale globally Scale globally
Deploy, Maintain & Scale Globally

Centralized label management controls help system administrators coordinate licensing. System-wide settings can be defined in a single location and rolled out across your entire global organization.


Browser-based access eliminates the need for individual workstation installations. By reducing costly system maintenance and software upgrades, you can spend less time managing your software and more time managing your business.

Reduce errors Reduce errors
Reduce errors & misprints

A customizable user interface reduces errors and misprints. Your complex printing process is simplified to a set of steps that is easy for your staff to master. Create separate processes tailored to the needs of each department, business unit, supplier, or vendor.

Ensure security Ensure security
Ensure security & accuracy

A controlled labeling environment provides the security you need to ensure accuracy. Defined business processes can be enforced at every level, restricting access to only the printers, labels, and tasks a user needs to perform their job.


Maintain a High-Availability (HA) environment with intuitive automatic back-up server functionality.

Eliminate compatibility issues Eliminate compatibility issues
Eliminate compatibility issues

TEKLYNX CENTRAL is built to integrate with SAP, Oracle, and other ERP systems. It relies on simple integration, avoiding complex and costly custom development and eliminating compatibility issues. Our quality assurance process ensures a reliable integration and provides a stable solution your organization can depend on.

Electronic signatures Electronic signatures
Comply with industry standards

Get a head start on labeling compliance, such as GHS or CFR, by implementing a single enterprise labeling solution that meets all your business needs.


TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS can pull symbols, signal words, and hazard elements from a centralized database, ensuring that your GHS labels contain essential, approved messages to increase efficiency.


TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR helps you address FDA regulatory compliance standards such as 21 CFR Part 11, as well as other labeling requirements. Electronic signatures are linked to relevant records by requiring a user ID and password sign-in to perform all functions.

Regulatory compliance Regulatory compliance
Validation Accelerator Pack

Validation Accelerator Pack (VAP) is comprised of valuable templates that outline the comprehensive list of necessary acceptance criteria, testing instructions, expected results, and worksheets for documentation of actual results of testing from the validation team. With TEKLYNX CENTRAL you save time and resources by accelerating your validation of labeling processes.


A centralized enterprise labeling solution for barcode label design, printing, tracking, and approval

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TEKLYNX CENTRAL Specifications

Operating System


Windows® 10  (x86, x64) Version 22H2 (Build 19045.2251)

Windows® 11 (x64) Version 22H2 (Build 22621.1105)


Windows® Server 2022 Version 21H2 (Build 20348.1194) 

Windows® Server 2019 Version 1809 (Build 17763.2989)

Windows® Server 2016 Version 1607 (Build 14393.2273)

Windows® Server 2012 R2 Version 6.3 (Build 9600)

Windows® Server 2012 Version 6.2 (Build 9200)

Windows® Server Core 2022 Version 21H2 (Build 20348.1194)

Windows® Server Core 2019 Version 1809 (Build 17763.2989)

Windows® Server Core 2016 Version 1607 (Build 14393.2273)

All service packs must be installed


iOS 10.2 or higher, 13.3 is recommended. Both iPhone and iPad devices are supported.

Android 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 10.0. GUI is optimized for mobile phones, tablets are not recommended

Virtual Machine Platforms

For VM platform compatibility, click here.



4GB or more RAM (8GB recommended - depending on OS and usage)


4GB or more RAM (8GB recommended - depending on OS and usage)

Hard Disk Space


Hard drive with at least 1.5 GB of available space


Hard drive with at least 10 GB of available space



Minimum: 1366 x 768 - True Color 32 bit


Minimum: 1366 х 768 - True Color 32 bit

Supporting Software


Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.8

Any pdf reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available with the installation)



IIS 8.0 or greater

Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.8 (provided with the installation)

Any pdf reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available with the installation)

Databases (Server)

Microsoft® SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022 (SQL Server Express is recommended for demo purposes only)

Oracle 12.2 or higher


Microsoft Edge 110.0 or higher

Firefox 110.0 or higher

Chrome 110.0 or higher

Additional Requirements

Installation requires full Administrator privileges

NOTE: Specs are based on the current version of TEKLYNX CENTRAL software.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL for highly regulated industries

TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance


TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS for Compliant GHS Labels



Installation files
Installation files


Access the installation files you need to run TEKLYNX CENTRAL.

Label printer drivers
CODESOFT Printer Drivers


Download the CODESOFT printer drivers you need to run TEKLYNX CENTRAL


Request additional printer licenses for TEKLYNX CENTRAL here


With over 30 years of experience, our enterprise team helps you find the best labeling system that suits your needs. TEKLYNX labeling experts will work with you to ensure your labeling system aligns with best practices.


Building the Business Case for Barcode Label Integration with ERP


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