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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


Better Connections Through Barcode Labeling

Better connections make your business a successful part of the supply chain

Connect Better, Barcode Better


What does it mean to have better connections throughout the supply chain? Everything. 


While barcodes may be small, they are one of the many connectors between your business, your suppliers, your customers, and the entire supply chain. Learn how better connections are the key to achieving:


  • Scalability
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency



"TEKLYNX labeling solutions equip manufacturers to build better connections between people, systems, and organizations."

- Travis Wayne, TEKLYNX

What can you achieve through better connections?

Scalability through better connections



Set your company's labeling environment up for future growth with centralized labeling. Learn how connecting labeling across your entire organization supports scalability while keeping IT overhead costs low.

Quality through better connections



Improve the accuracy of every label printed by creating an organized and interconnected labeling process. Learn how an automatic and multi-stage label approval process can streamline quality assurance in your labeling environment to help ensure only approved labels make it into production.

Security through better connections



Gain security in your labeling process to minimize the risk of critical labeling errors. Learn how better connections can help ensure only authorized users can make changes to labels, so you and your suppliers are only printing approved labels with the most up-to-date data.

Flexibility through better connections



Create a labeling process that can easily adapt to the changing market or changing needs of your company. Learn how to be more flexible through better connections to make your labeling process more agile. 

Efficiency through better connections



Achieve greater productivity while using fewer resources by leveraging better connections in your labeling process. Learn how improving connections in your labeling process can decrease waste and improve your bottom line.