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Infographic: How to Gain Labeling Efficiency with Better Connections

Check out our free infographic on ways to become more efficient in your labeling process through better connections with TEKLYNX software. 


Download as a PDF here.

Free Infographic on How to Gain Labeling Efficiency Through Better Connections

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How to Be More Efficient Through Better Connections


Use these tips to learn how to become more efficient in your labeling process.


1. Connecct your database to your labeling software


With database connections, simply select the relevant database record at print time and watch your label be automatically populated without having to manually key-in data. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the risk for labeling errors that can cause expensive delays or rejected shipments.

How to create database connections


2. Design labels by using intuitive step-by-step wizards


When you need to design new labels or generate new barcodes, use helpful wizards to make the process quicker and easier. Built-in wizards walk you through each step of adding text, barcodes, or images, helping you to get it right the first time.

Check out the GS1 barcode wizard


3. Create a custom label print form


Customized label printing forms turn manual data entry from a difficult, time-consuming task to a quick and low-effort way to get accurate print-time data onto your label. Custom label print forms offer a wide variety of field options: text, incrementing numbers, sliders, date pickers, and more.

How to create a custom print form


Ready to create more efficiency in your labeling environment? Download a free 30-day trial of CODESOFT barcode label design software to experience better connections for yourself. Connect better to barcode better.


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