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At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


GS1 Barcode Generator Creates Compliant GS1 Barcodes for You

Travis Wayne

GS1 Barcode Generator Creates Compliant GS1 Barcodes for You


Imagine hand drawing floor plans for the Empire State Building before AutoCAD was developed; if you made a mistake, you often had to start from scratch, the process took forever, and the risk for errors was high. Now imagine this process but with your barcode labeling software. In previous versions of TEKLYNX software, there was not a simple ‘edit’ feature for your GS1 barcodes, meaning every time you had to make a revision to your GS1 barcode, you had to rebuild your barcode. Not only were you spending a lot of time creating the barcodes, the manual edit process was putting your system at risk for errors. Eliminating the opportunity for mistakes and staying compliant with GS1 standards is so much easier with TEKLYNX 2019 product enhancements and our GS1 barcode generator. 


GS1 is dedicated to the design & implementation of global standards, the most widely used standard system in the world. TEKLYNX is a proud GS1 solution partner to ensure that our software matches seamlessly with GS1 barcode regulations and that each customer is up to date and compliant with GS1 standards so you can barcode better. GS1 continually releases new regulations to barcode standard systems and updates their list of application identifiers, otherwise known as AIs, in order to stay up to date with new technology and advancements. These application identifiers create visibility into product information through a barcode, helping companies track and trace an item’s life cycle every step of the supply chain. For this process to run smoothly and efficiently, it’s crucial for companies in every industry to be up to date and remain compliant with industry standards.  


GS1 Application Identifiers List


Possibly one of the biggest advantages of our 2019 products is the enhanced user experience when updating GS1 barcodes. With our enhanced GS1 barcode wizard and simplified interface, creating and updating your GS1 barcodes is easy.


Try 2019 today!


Need assistance along the way? TEKLYNX helps you barcode better by offering a variety of support options for any question, comment, or general help with writing a GS1 barcode.


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