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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


Cloud-hosted label printing


Secure label printing anywhere in the world, without the hassle of hosting local servers!

    • SaaS model means no need to manage and maintain infrastructure for a local server 
    • Rapidly enable on-demand label printing at new locations with maximum scalability
    • Centralize control of label printing at multiple locations
    • Cutting edge security protects your business 
    • Print labels on-demand anywhere in the world with secure user logins managed centrally
    • Integrate label templates with your business system to maximize simplicity for print users
    • Complete traceability of every label change, approval, and print job 



4 Ways to Leverage the Cloud in Label Printing


How does cloud-hosted label printing work?


TEKLYNX offers a cloud-hosted browser-based label printing interface to simplify label printing for our customers around the world. Our SaaS model is the perfect solution for companies looking to keep IT overhead costs low. 


First, you’ll work with an experienced TEKLYNX label printing expert to define the requirements for your cloud-hosted labeling system. We’ll be there every step of the way, asking the right questions and providing real solutions. 


TEKLYNX will design the required labels to meet your company’s specifications. With decades of experience, we’ll ensure your label templates are set up for maximum efficiency and minimal room for error. You approve the label templates, or submit feedback. We’ll work with you until the label templates meet your approval. 


To complete the process, TEKLYNX will implement your cloud-hosted browser-based label printing interface on AWS. The interface can even be customized to match your organization’s brand. All your print users need to do is log in, scan or key in a piece of data to choose the right label, and click “print”!


Need to report on label print jobs? Full-scale label history reports are available at the click of a button. 


Simplify your label printing system with a cloud-hosted browser-based label printing interface from TEKLYNX.




NOTE: Regional differences may apply to offerings and processes. Contact TEKLYNX in your region to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TEKLYNX’ Cloud-Hosted Label Printing Solution Secure?

Hosting your browser-based label printing interface in the cloud is highly secure. In fact, cloud hosting is more secure than on-premise hosting. TEKLYNX hosts your label printing system on AWS, a trusted leader in cloud hosting. We also provide an SSL certificate, securing your label printing interface with HTTPS.

What resources are needed on the customer’s side?

The goal of a cloud-hosted browser-based label printing system is to minimize the resources required on the customer’s side. Our SaaS model means the only resources required on your side are: someone to approve label templates, a print user, label printers, label stock, and a modern web browser.

How much does cloud-hosted label printing cost?

Our SaaS model includes the software license, hosting fees, and support & maintenance. The cost of your cloud-hosted browser-based label printing system depends on how many print users require access to the print interface. Label design, implementation, and training services are a one-time cost. The hosting fee is paid annually.

What printers can I use with a cloud-hosted solution?

TEKLYNX label printing software supports over 3,000 thermal, thermal transfer, and inkjet printers with native printer drivers. Learn more about TEKLYNX native printer drivers.

Will my current label files be compatible with the cloud-hosted label printing system?

Label files designed in CODESOFT will be automatically compatible with your cloud-hosted label printing system.


Label files designed in LABELVIEW or LABEL MATRIX can be instantly converted to CODESOFT files, and therefore they will be compatible with your cloud-hosted label printing system.


For label files designed in any other application, the TEKLYNX professional services team is happy to assist with re-creating the labels in CODESOFT.

Who is the ideal candidate for a cloud-hosted label printing solution?

A cloud-hosted label printing interface is ideal for companies that want to standardize label printing at multiple locations, but those locations are not all on the same network. 


Contract manufacturers and companies with many suppliers can benefit from a cloud-hosted label printing interface. The solution enables multiple parties in the supply chain to print labels on-demand from one centralized and secure location.


For companies with small IT departments, cloud-hosting your label printing system takes the burden off of internal resources.

Digitally transform your labeling system without having to lift a finger.

Is a cloud-hosted label printing system right for your company?

Let's find out together. Fill out the form, and a TEKLYNX labeling expert will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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