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4 Ways to Leverage the Cloud in Label Printing

Nick Recht

4 Ways to Leverage the Cloud in Label Printing


Print servers are one of the many hardware pieces your organization may currently use. But, with cloud label printing, that specific piece of hardware may no longer be needed within your infrastructure. Cloud label printing enables users throughout the supply chain to print on-demand labels from a centrally managed location.  

Cloud technology is now becoming a necessity for businesses transforming their barcode labeling processes to reduce costs, streamline processes, enhance security, and centralize operations; all while allowing employees to securely access, edit, and print barcode labels from any location.




This blog will go over four unique ways to leverage the cloud for label printing, answers to commonly asked questions about each option, and how using the cloud can benefit your labeling environment.


1. Leverage Cloud Storage Such as Google Drive or OneDrive for Labels

Spiceworks states that 51% of businesses across North America and Europe use Microsoft OneDrive and 34% are using Google Drive as a cloud-hosted service.  

Cloud storage applications such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive give users the ability to easily save label files in a central location with the option to print from anywhere, reducing the risk of lost files or running out of storage on your hardware. You can manage and print labels from a central location as long as users have access to your company's Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive directory.  

You can easily connect TEKLYNX label design software, LABELVIEW or CODESOFT, to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account which gives you access to print your labels anywhere label design software is installed and connected to a label printer. Learn how to connect TEKLYNX label design software to your Google Drive account or Microsoft OneDrive account by watching these simple TekTip videos

FAQ: I don’t have a shared network; how can I centralize my label storage?



FAQ: Is it easy to make changes to my label once it is in the cloud?



You can use cloud storage to store all your labels at a centralized location, but what about the data used on your labels?


2. Connect Cloud Data to Your Labels 

There are different ways you can connect cloud data to your labels using your business system. 

2.1 Connect Excel Online or Google Sheets


You can leverage Excel Online or Google Sheets to print cloud data on your labels through database connections. Business data can be stored in a cloud spreadsheet like Excel Online or Google Sheets, and cloud database connections allow you to leverage label templates with variable data from the cloud. LABELVIEW and CODESOFT can both easily integrate with Excel Online or Google Sheets.


FAQ: Will using cloud data on my labels slow down my operations? 



2.2 Use OData Connections Between Your Cloud-Based Business Application and Labeling Software

Open-Data protocol, also referred to as OData, is another way of utilizing the cloud for label printing. Using OData connections, you can access data from an online database, cloud-hosted ERP, or WMS business system. You can connect the OData source with your TEKLYNX barcode labeling software. Connecting to OData data sources makes it easy to connect to cloud-based data and print your barcode labels.



We’ve now talked about storing your data and label files in the cloud, but what about the software itself?


3. Install Your Labeling Software on Your Private or Public Cloud Server

The third option for cloud label printing is installing the server-side component of your labeling software on your private or public cloud server. This could include the Network License Manager for your label design software network license, or the server-side installations for your enterprise label management software, SENTINEL, LABEL ARCHIVE, or TEKLYNX CENTRAL. In this case, you outsource the hardware to a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure but manage your own barcode label software licenses. Integrating TEKLYNX software with your cloud provider eliminates on-premises infrastructure, reduces hardware costs, and enhances your company’s use of cloud technology. 

FAQ: Does my software run in the cloud? 



When you want to centralize your entire labeling process in the cloud, consider fully cloud-hosted enterprise label management.


4. Cloud-Enabled Label Management and SaaS Cloud Label Printing

With Software as a Service (SaaS) or SaaS hybrid, you can maintain little to no infrastructure for local servers. You can either seamlessly move your entire labeling process to the cloud or use TEKLYNX CENTRAL provided as a service. TEKLYNX can design your required labels, and then implement a cloud-enabled label printing interface on AWS or Azure, giving you the opportunity to utilize all the features cloud label printing has to offer. Just secure your server and make the label printing interface website accessible with a secure login. Our SaaS model means the only resources required on your side are someone to approve label templates, a print user, label printers, label stock, and a modern web browser. TEKLYNX SaaS model helps keep IT overhead costs low while standardizing your label printing. 


The level of cloud service is variable depending on your needs. TEKLYNX is here to help meet those needs. For further questions, contact TEKLYNX, and a labeling expert will reach out. 


FAQ: Who manages the cloud?


Once cloud-enabled label printing is implemented within your organization, anyone who is given secure access to your business can easily log in, scan or key in data input, then print on-site, at any location.



Leverage Cloud Technology in Your Labeling Processes and Reduce Infrastructure

With cloud label printing you gain enhanced security, eliminate production downtime, and are protected from losing label files due to inefficiencies. 

Go one step further with your cloud connections and consider a cloud-enabled label printing solution. Seamlessly print your labels to multiple locations with no hardware, servers, or on-premise software. TEKLYNX CENTRAL fully enables cloud technology within your labeling environment. 

We’ll help you find the best cloud label printing solution for your current and future needs, no matter how simple or complex!



About Nick


Nick Recht is the Sales Manager for the Americas region at TEKLYNX RFID and barcode label solution provider. He leverages his passion for using technology to add value to businesses and his 14 years of AIDC experience to help organizations of all sizes barcode better. When he is not working, he is driving one of his daughters to a practice of some sort or doing a project around the house.


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