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Free Infographic on How to Improve Labeling Security Through Better Connections

Check out our free infographic on ways to improve labeling security in your labeling process through better connections with TEKLYNX software. 


Download as a PDF here.

Free Infographic on How to Gain Labeling Security Through Better Connections

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How to Be More Secure Through Better Connections


Use these tips to learn how to become more secure in your labeling process.


1. Implement browser-based label printing


A browser-based printing interface allows authorized users to print pre-approved labels from anywhere with an internet connection.

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2. Establish user permissions


Establishing role-based user permissions throughout your labeling environment can significantly decrease errors. Only users with set permissions can make edits to a label.

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3. Enable password protection


Set up passwords at the application level or the label level so only authorized users can design, print, or make changes to labels.

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