Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

Protect Your Investment with a Software Maintenance Agreement

Why pay full price for software version upgrades, technical support and training webinars? Get all of this included with your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and save up to 72% off the cost of your software over 5 years!

Maximize your return on investment in your LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, or CODESOFT barcode label software and ensure ongoing support by adding on an SMA.

Purchase a perpetual software license and add on an SMA in one, three or five-year options, to enjoy:

  1. One free basic and one free advanced online training webinar ($200 value) per year (sessions are held monthly)
  2. Unlimited free access to technical support for label design products, regardless of what version it is or if it is within the supported phase (priceless) *
  3. Free label design version upgrades and updates **
  4. Access to hundreds of free, downloadable RFID tags as well as GHS and CFR compliance label samples
  5. Free online tools, such as a Knowledge Base and other convenient downloads

  • I would like to add an SMA to my perpetual software license(s)
    • For more information or to purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement, contact us at 414-837-4800 or via e-mail at
  • I just purchased an SMA and I’d like to activate it/I would like to activate the free 3 month SMA I received with my purchase
    • Register your SMA today at Be sure to register your SMA to ensure you are receiving full benefits. For registration assistance, contact the TEKLYNX Customer Care Center at 414-837-4800 

Not sure which option is right for you?

 Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or Subscription Comparison Chart

*Unlimited technical support applies to label design products. TEKLYNX CENTRAL, SENTINEL, and LABEL ARCHIVE require separate support contracts.

**Perpetual licenses provide eligibility for free 3-month SMAs. Free 3-month SMAs do not include upgrades. In order to qualify for a free upgrade, you must purchase a full year SMA. 

Version upgrades include updating a software title from a previous version to a new version, such as upgrading from CODESOFT 10 Pro to CODESOFT 2014 Pro. Product upgrades, such as a change to a new level or edition within the same major version (for example, changing from CODESOFT Pro to CODESOFT Enterprise) are not included.