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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


Print your labels quickly, accurately, and efficiently with TEKLYNX barcode printing software.

Speed up the label printing process with TEKLYNX: One of North America’s leading manufacturers of fine artisan cheese increased their efficiency; resulting in labels printing in mere seconds after implementing TEKLYNX. Read this case study.


Reduce printing errors: One of North America’s largest manufacturers of plastic tubing uses TEKLYNX to reduce label printing errors by 50%. Read this case study.


Automate your printing process: SENTINEL runs seamlessly in the background of your system and gives you the ability to centrally print on hundreds of printers all at the same time. Once label design data is received by SENTINEL, the application will automate the rest of your printing process with no need for human intervention. Request a demo.


Barcode label printing software


LABEL MATRIX – Wizard-driven label printing. Helpful wizards guide you through connecting to printers and databases as well as designing the perfect label to print.




LABELVIEW – Powerful label printing. Advanced design capabilities and customizable print forms streamline the printing process to any of the 3,000+ supported printer models.




CODESOFT – Enterprise-level label printing. Integration with TEKLYNX Enterprise applications and ERP systems creates efficiency and control of enterprise printing environments.




Barcode Label Printing FAQs


Does TEKLYNX offer barcode label printing solutions businesses of all sizes?


Yes, TEKLYNX provides barcode label printing software for companies of all sizes. From start-ups to small businesses to large enterprises, we provide label printing software that caters to all levels of complexity. Start-ups typically require barcode label printing software with a familiar interface and helpful wizards. Small businesses often need easy printing interfaces and flexible licensing options. Large enterprises may require integration with other business systems, automation, or reporting capabilities. TEKLYNX provides barcode label printing solutions that meet all these needs and more. 


Do you offer WYSIWYG barcode label printing?


Yes, at TEKLYNX we believe in delivering true WYSIWYG printing, which is why we dedicate the necessary time and resources to develop the best embedded drivers for our barcode printing software. Embedded drivers are developed to work specifically with a software application to ensure WYSIWYG, from onscreen design to the printed label. You can print accurate barcode labels using TEKLYNX embedded printer drivers.


5 facts about TEKLYNX drivers:


  1. WYSIWYG – TEKLYNX drivers print labels that are identical to what you’ve created on screen
  2. Installation – TEKLYNX drivers only take about 20 seconds to install
  3. Driver development – We have developed over 3,000 drivers for an array of printer manufacturers and models
  4. Print speed – Our print speed is just as fast, if not faster, than any other labeling application
  5. Security – Because TEKLYNX drivers are embedded, they use the security settings from the software itself which allows you to control who has the ability to change settings


Read a white paper about TEKLYNX embedded drivers and the value of WYSIWYG.


Will TEKLYNX help me comply with labeling standards?


Yes, we continue to develop innovative applications that support industry-specific initiatives and regulations.