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At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.

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Compare: Loftware vs. TEKLYNX

Learn how a simple approach sets you up for success

Loftware and TEKLYNX approach enterprise labeling integration differently


If you're evaluating Loftware vs. TEKLYNX, here's what you need to know: 


Loftware’s ERP labeling integration approach relies on programmatic integration powered by proprietary code that is specific to your ERP system. While an ERP-specific solution may seem attractive at first, it can result in unexpected costs and future headaches. With a deep, specialized integration comes overhaul of your current internal labeling processes which often means your current labels must be updated to fit Loftware's process. Additionally, significant testing time will be needed to ensure the Loftware integration works properly, and additional time means additional money. When it comes time to upgrade your ERP system or your Loftware labeling system, the programmatic integration will inevitably need updating and more testing, which requires more budget. 


When Loftware's proprietary integration approach isn't the right fit, TEKLYNX is here to work with you. 

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Solutions: It's a Tough Choice but it Shouldn't Be


Why is TEKLYNX off-the-shelf integration a better option compared to Loftware’s?


TEKLYNX is different than Loftware in the sense that our ERP labeling integration solution relies on simple integration, avoiding complex proprietary code and programmatic constraints. With TEKLYNX integration, your ERP system simply adds a record to a database or generates a flat file with the information needed to print. The label printing system sees the new record or file and triggers the print job. When a system needs to be upgraded, there is no code to update. As long as the business system can still generate the database record or flat file, label printing can continue uninterrupted. 


TEKLYNX enterprise label management products are off-the-shelf solutions that include numerous optional feature sets. If a needed feature doesn’t exist, it’s common for TEKLYNX to develop the requested functionality for the customer and then include it in the next version release of the software for all end users to leverage. When assistance is needed, your support contract provides access to our experts and best-in-class support where each phone call is answered by a real person – no automated voice messages here! 


If you're ready to experience the benefits of a simple, straightforward labeling integration, get in touch with TEKLYNX today. 

Loftware Print Server alternative: SENTINEL


Loftware Print Server (LPS) is being retired and SENTINEL is a cost-effective alternative. Choose the longevity of SENTINEL to print labels directly from your business system.


As Loftware pushes their LPS customers to migrate to another solution and retire LPS, thousands of successful global installations continue to prove the quality, reliability, and scalability of SENTINEL label print automation software. TEKLYNX customers integrate SENTINEL to drive supply chain labels directly from their on-premise or cloud-based business systems, plus benefit from:


  • Flexible licensing options to fit your needs and budget
  • High-volume label printing to unlimited printers across your entire enterprise
  • Automatic back-up server for high availability environments
  • Integration with RESTful API


SENTINEL is low maintenance and efficient, saving you time by eliminating manual touchpoints for your team and unnecessary IT interaction. Thanks to the simple integration of TEKLYNX solutions, upgrading your business system often has a minimal impact on your label printing process.


Request a demo to see SENTINEL label printing automation in action.

Learn why SENTINEL is the label print automation solution of choice


PRISYM ID was acquired by Loftware


In early 2022, PRISYM ID was acquired by Loftware, creating uncertainty for PRISYM ID customers. 


TEKLYNX has decades of history serving companies in the life sciences industry, filled with experience that matters. Medical device and pharmaceutical labeling requirements can be complex, and TEKLYNX labeling solutions equip your company to meet them. Companies such as MicroVention (Terumo), Aspen Medical, QTS, bioMérieux, and many more entrust their regulated labeling environment to TEKLYNX. 


Learn more about TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR, the all-in-one centralized label management solution for companies in the life sciences industry. 


TEKLYNX Labeling & Artwork Management with Kallik

TEKLYNX and Kallik present unmatched expertise in labeling and artwork management for highly regulated industries, including medical device & pharmaceutical.


Learn how TEKLYNX enterprise labeling integration sets companies up for success

Talk with a TEKLYNX representative to see how simple labeling integration can benefit your organization's labeling environment.

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