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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


Barcode Better: The TEKLYNX Brand Evolution and Continued Quest for Better

Jenna Wagner

Barcode Better: The TEKLYNX Brand Evolution and Continued Quest for Better


It’s here! Our global brand campaign launch showcasing our new logo, new mobile-friendly responsive website, new tagline, and more.   


The new look you see today has taken over a year to build, but the robust products and stellar experience you expect from TEKLYNX remain the same.  


How it started…


About every five years a company should review their branding – this has been common practice at TEKLYNX. As we approached this timeframe, we found ourselves exploring if our branding truly represented what made us different from the other barcode label design software companies out there. 


Our findings… 


We gathered many insights through extensive research including competitive analysis, brand archetype exploration, user interviews, survey findings (and so much more) – I will share that those findings were an exclamation point on what our gut was telling us…  


…We had been doing a good job showcasing how our solutions can grow with businesses, how we have robust and reliable products, and how we can help companies around the world meet their labeling needs – but what we wanted to improve was sharing with the world how our people make our products even better.  


This was our “aha” moment.  Our impetus for change.  


The unveiling of our higher-level purpose – Barcode Better™




With our new tagline of “Barcode Better,” we are showcasing our long-standing customer-centric approach.   


Our goal in this brand evolution journey is to spotlight our higher-level purpose.  Something that sparks energy and curiosity in the advancement of barcoding technologies and how barcodes go beyond just ink on paper – they are a dynamic action that are critical to making companies work.  


Our refreshed brand brings this to the forefront with our new tagline, Barcode Better.     


What does this mean for you? 


Simply put: TEKLYNX helps you barcode better. We help you through labeling issues, and we provide solutions to ensure you never face that issue again.  We have real people answering your calls because we know that downtime is not an option in manufacturing. We hire the best talent in the industry for better partnerships, better product development, better results, and better experiences.  


TEKLYNX goes above and beyond. We want the world to know that our team takes the time to learn all of our solutions backwards and forwards, as well as the thousands of ways a company may go about designing, editing, and printing their labels. This collaboration and continuous improvement is where the magic happens.   


We will help you, your company, and your supply chain be better, no matter what “better” means to your company.  This we guarantee.  


Are you ready to barcode better?  Because we are here to help.  



About Jenna: 

Jenna Wagner is the Global Marketing and Sales Director at TEKLYNX. She leverages her extensive background of marketing strategy, planning and execution to ensure the world knows the story of TEKLYNX and how we help organizations Barcode Better.  


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Kim Gilmore / Date: 6/5/2019

I like it. Very clean. Where do you see us using this in our marketing efforts? Intro email?

Lindsay Schuemann / Date: 6/5/2019

Thanks Kim, we appreciate the feedback and are glad you like our new blog! We want "Barcode Better" to come through our partners' communications in many ways. Let's set up a call to discuss further. Thanks!


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