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3 Ways to Manage Your Barcode Labels Better

Tony Bieniewski

3 Ways to Manage Your Barcode Labels Better


Imagine painting a room and gathering supplies. You wouldn’t want to stop at three separate stores for your paint, primer, and brushes. It’s more convenient and efficient to stop at a store that carries everything you need, right?


Now apply that same train of thought to managing your barcode labels. Companies with more complex labeling processes have multiple ‘supplies’ in their labeling process, and consolidating them all into a single, unified label management solution can save companies time and money. This is called having a centralized label management process.


Here are three ways you can manage your barcode labels better:


1. Centralize barcode label management from one location


This can mean many different things. It can mean managing your labels on a shared drive or leveraging a secure tool to manage labels and their history. Centralizing your label management is taking label design, automated printing, and label security & traceability into one unified solution.


centralize GIF


2. Enable browser-based barcode label printing

Enabling browser-based printing means having the ability to print everywhere, from anywhere. Your label printing process shifts from managing local, client sized installations of a designer and a print engine, to managing a web page printing interface from one location and securely deploying it to users around the world. This decreases the time it takes to manage separate or individual barcode label software deployments. Enabling browser-based label printing also takes the hassle out of an upgrade. Instead of upgrading each single user license, you can upgrade once on the server and easily roll out to clients.



3. Manage a standardized barcode label design, print, and approval process


Standardizing barcode label printing, approval, and management processes can help eliminate errors by restricting access between users. This means you’re eliminating waste and decreasing label misprints by setting approval rules and customizing each user experience by defining rules for who has access to make design changes, who approves, and who has ability to add variable data at print time.


Leveraging these three ways to manage your labeling system better will help you standardize & simplify your process. 


To learn more about how to manage barcode labels better, get in touch with TEKLYNX today!


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