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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


TEKLYNX International Launches “Barcode Better™” Global Branding

Thierry Mauger President, TEKLYNX International

“Our mission is to make companies work better by combining customer-centric barcode and RFID solutions with the industry’s best support.”

Date: 06/04/2019 / Category: Company updates, Press releases


New branding showcases TEKLYNX’ customer-centric philosophy and features updated brand identity and website 


MILWAUKEE, WI (June 4, 2019) − TEKLYNX International, the global leader in barcode and RFID labeling software solutions, today announced the launch of its “Barcode Better™” global branding which showcases the company’s long-standing customer-centric philosophy and unique perspective on barcodes. 


“TEKLYNX’ ‘Barcode Better’ branding speaks to our brand’s core essence,” states TEKLYNX Global Marketing Director Jenna Wagner. “The reality is ‘barcode’ is more than a labeling standard, it’s an action that makes companies work. TEKLYNX is the only label software provider to refer to ‘barcode’ as a verb and it’s a distinction that helps us make companies work better.”  


Treating “barcode” as something that drives supply chain efficiency and accuracy means TEKLYNX provides the customer support necessary to make people behind supply chain workflows successful. “From receiving raw materials to shipping finished goods, companies rely on barcodes to make supply chains work,” explains TEKLYNX International President Thierry Mauger. “Our mission is to make companies work better by combining customer-centric barcode and RFID solutions with the industry’s best support.” The company’s service-first culture has made TEKLYNX a market leader as companies select partners trusted to be with them at every step.  


TEKLYNX’ “Barcode Better” global branding highlights include: 



Learn more about how TEKLYNX helps companies “Barcode Better” at


Barcode Better with TEKLYNX


About TEKLYNX International  


TEKLYNX International helps supply chains work better. Today, more than 750,000 companies in over 170 countries trust TEKLYNX integrated barcode and RFID label design products and the people behind its solutions to make barcode labeling operations efficient, accurate, secure and industry compliant. With over 30 years of experience, TEKLYNX is the global leader because of its reliable software and superior customer support. To learn more about how the TEKLYNX community helps companies across industries worldwide, visit or call TEKLYNX in your region. Barcode Better™ with TEKLYNX.

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