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TEKLYNX Launches 2019 Barcode Labeling Software

Integrated supply chain solutions support labeling from design to print, simplify labeling compliance and increase label print automation for manufacturers

Date: 06/18/2019 / Category: Product news, Press releases


MILWAUKEE, WI (June 18, 2019)TEKLYNX International, the global leader in barcode and RFID labeling software solutions, today announced its 2019 launch of LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, CODESOFT, SENTINEL and LABEL ARCHIVE. Featuring a wide array of end user enhancements, the TEKLYNX 2019 barcode labeling software solutions are designed to help manufacturers of all sizes improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and automation. 


TEKLYNX is known for its customer-centric culture in the barcode & RFID software industry. Customer insights continue to drive product development as TEKLYNX helps manufacturers across industries, around the world barcode better. A recent TEKLYNX survey indicated an overwhelming percentage of barcode software end users want to improve labeling operations. 



“Barcodes are critical throughout the supply chain as manufacturers look to meet demands for product safety, customer responsiveness and supply chain agility,” states TEKLYNX International President Thierry Mauger. “The TEKLYNX 2019 solutions are designed to support the pivotal activities unfolding behind the barcode by helping manufacturers print labels faster, eliminate repetitive manual steps and prevent labeling errors.”


The 2019 TEKLYNX barcode labeling software solutions are designed to help manufacturers meet labeling objectives with new features such as: updated GS1 wizard, enhanced form design for automated printing and reduced errors, new label design functionality, TLS 1.2 encryption for better security, Windows Server 2019 compatibility and more. Download a free 30-day trial of LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW or CODESOFT or request a demo of SENTINEL or LABEL ARCHIVE at


Watch the TEKLYNX 2019 Solutions video to learn more.


TEKLYNX 2019 Products are Here!

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