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The Why and How of a Paperless Label Approval Process

Travis Wayne

The Why and How of a Paperless Label Approval Process


As Product Manager at TEKLYNX, one of my favorite parts of my job is talking with our customers. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and hearing about their challenges and successes helps me ensure that we are developing barcode label software products that meet their needs.


A common labeling challenge I’ve been hearing recently is the need to move toward a paperless label approval process. Instead of printing out sample labels, physically delivering them to each person in the approval process, and returning to the label design software to implement changes, companies are looking to digitally transform this process and make label approval paperless. This change has been a long time coming, with “green” initiatives reducing the amount of printed paper. And the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic have forced many workers to accomplish their jobs remotely, intensifying the need to implement a paperless label approval process. 


In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the hidden risks of a physical label approval process, learn about the benefits of a paperless label approval process, and talk about steps you can take to eliminate paper from your labeling process.  


The Risks of a Physical Label Approval Process 


If your company is using a physical label approval process, some of these risks might sound familiar: 



A physical label approval process opens your company up to the risk of inaccurate labels, which are a leading cause of product recalls. Looking for a more secure and efficient process? Go paperless.  


The Benefits of a Paperless Label Approval Process 


A paperless label approval process not only reduces the risks mentioned above, it also saves time and resources, leading to more efficient operations. 



Implementing a paperless label approval process saves time and improves efficiency, while adding security to your labeling environment. 


Steps to Implementing a Paperless Label Approval Process


Moving from a physical label approval process to a paperless one doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take it one step at a time: 


  1. Determine who needs to approve labels. This could be one person, or it could be representatives from multiple departments. Determine whether the process is different for a completely new label versus an existing label that’s been updated.
  2. Define the order of approval steps. Depending on your requirements, the order of approvals could be very important. Does the product team need to verify the data before marketing approves the fonts and logos? Should quality control be the final step after other departments? Ask yourself these questions and any others that apply to your company.
  3. Give authorized users the appropriate access. Set permissions and password requirements within the user management module of your labeling software. Design permissions should be assigned to as few users as possible to avoid unintended edits to label templates. 
  4. Avoid the pitfall of emailing label files back and forth. Implement paperless label approval software that’s built to centralize label storage and manage the approval process.  


Paperless Label Approval Software: LABEL ARCHIVE 


Going paperless is easy with label approval software like LABEL ARCHIVE. LABEL ARCHIVE offers: 




Companies that use LABEL ARCHIVE have reaped the rewards of a paperless label approval process. Take MicroVention, for example. As a medical device company, label approval was critical to maintaining accuracy and preventing product recalls. With a small label design team that serves facilities around the world, a paperless label approval process enables MicroVention to get products to market quickly while reducing the risk of labeling errors. 


Want to learn more about going paperless? Request a live demonstration of LABEL ARCHIVE. 




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