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At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.

Barcode Verification Solutions

TEKLYNX offers an end-to-end barcode verification solution

Barcode verification is a critical activity to ensure the quality of your printed barcode labels. TEKLYNX supports a complete barcode verification process in several ways:



Digitally transform your barcode verification process


Traditionally, most barcode verification processes look like this:


  1. Design a barcode label
  2. Print a batch of labels
  3. Scan a random selection of barcodes to identify any quality issues that may affect the entire batch
  4. If no issues are found, assume that 100% of barcode labels are unaffected


While this process is somewhat effective, it leaves too much room for potential error. TEKLYNX partners with industry leading printer and barcode verifier manufacturers to offer an end-to-end barcode verification solution that ensures:


  1. Every single barcode is scanned & verified
  2. Verification results are written back to a database
  3. The database contains complete traceability for every label and every barcode


Rest easy knowing that 100% of your barcode labels are verified. If any issues are found, you'll know about them immediately. 


Barcode verification solution partners


Explore our existing printer partnerships below, and check back often. We're continually cultivating deeper relationships with our technology partners to offer more barcode verification solutions and help our end users barcode better.