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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


Label Software for TSC Printronix Auto ID Printers

TEKLYNX software & TSC Printronix Auto ID – Elevating end-to-end barcode verification and print management



TSC Printronix Auto ID has a printer portfolio that is rapidly growing. Utilizing their exclusive Printronix System Architecture (PSA), their printers, when combined with TEKLYNX label design and management software, are known for ease of use, flexibility, and durability as well as advanced features, such as ODV barcode verification, RFID, and remote printer management tools.  



We’re here to help you find the best label design software for your TSC Printronix Auto ID printers.

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TSC Printronix & TEKLYNX Resources

End-to-End Barcode Verification with TSC Printronix Auto ID & TEKLYNX

A centralized, end-to-end barcode verification solution for ease of compliance



LABEL ARCHIVE & TSC Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D Video Demonstration

5 Industries That Leverage RFID for Better Traceability

RFID is a valuable tool for tracking inventory and improving supply chain management. Companies are using RFID tags to create better inventory systems and gain new levels of detail about how their products move through the supply chain.


TSC Printronix Auto ID printers supported by TEKLYNX label software

Printer Model
Printronix L Series
Printronix L1024 (PGL)
Printronix L1024 (VGL)
Printronix L5020 (PGL)
Printronix L5020 (VGL)
Printronix L5031 (PGL)
Printronix L5031 (PGL)
Printronix L5035 (PGL)
Printronix L5035 (VGL)
Printronix M4L Series
Printronix M4L ZPL
Printronix P Series
Printronix P3000 (PGL)
Printronix P3000 (VGL)
Printronix P5000 (PGL)
Printronix P5000 (VGL)
Printronix P7000 (PGL)
Printronix P7000 (VGL)
Printronix P8000 (PGL)
Printronix P8000 (VGL)
Printronix SL Series
Printronix SL 4M (203dpi) (PGL)
Printronix SL 4M (300dpi) (PGL)
Printronix SL5204e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix SL5204r (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix SL5206r (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix SL5304e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix SL5304r (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix SL5306r (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T1006 Series
Printronix T1006 (PGL)
Printronix T1006 (VGL)
Printronix T2204
Printronix T2204 (SGL)
Printronix T2N Series
Printronix T2N (203dpi) (PGL)
Printronix T2N (300dpi) (PGL)
Printronix T3000 Series
Printronix T3204 (FGL)
Printronix T3204 (PGL)
Printronix T3204 (VGL)
Printronix T3306 (FGL)
Printronix T3306 (PGL)
Printronix T3306 (VGL)
Printronix T3308 (FGL)
Printronix T3308 (PGL)
Printronix T3308 (VGL)
Printronix T4000 Series
Printronix T4204 (PGL)
Printronix T4204 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T4304 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T4M Series
Printronix T4M (203dpi) (PGL)
Printronix T4M (300dpi) (PGL)
Printronix T5200 Series
Printronix T5204 (PGL)
Printronix T5204 RFID (PGL)
Printronix T5204 (VGL)
Printronix T5204e (PGL)
Printronix T5204e (VGL)
Printronix T5204r (PGL)
Printronix T5204r (VGL)
Printronix T5206 (PGL)
Printronix T5206 (VGL)
Printronix T5206e (PGL)
Printronix T5206e (VGL)
Printronix T5206r (PGL)
Printronix T5206r (VGL)
Printronix T5208 (PGL)
Printronix T5208 (VGL)
Printronix T5208e (PGL)
Printronix T5208e (VGL)
Printronix T5208r (PGL)
Printronix T5208r (VGL)
Printronix T5300 Series
Printronix T5304 (PGL)
Printronix T5304 RFID (PGL)
Printronix T5304 (VGL)
Printronix T5304e (PGL)
Printronix T5304e (VGL)
Printronix T5304r (PGL)
Printronix T5304r (VGL)
Printronix T5306 (PGL)
Printronix T5306 (VGL)
Printronix T5306e (PGL)
Printronix T5306e (VGL)
Printronix T5306r (PGL)
Printronix T5306r (VGL)
Printronix T5308 (PGL)
Printronix T5308 (VGL)
Printronix T5308e (PGL)
Printronix T5308e (VGL)
Printronix T5308r (PGL)
Printronix T5308r (VGL)
Printronix T6000 Series
Printronix T6204 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6204 (VGL)
Printronix T6204e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6206 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6206 (VGL)
Printronix T6206e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6304 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6304 (VGL)
Printronix T6304e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6306 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6306 (VGL)
Printronix T6306e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T6604e (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T820
Printronix T820 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T830
Printronix T830 (PGL) (RFID)
Printronix T8000 Series
Printronix T8204 (PGL)
Printronix T8204 (VGL)
Printronix T8206 (PGL)
Printronix T8206 (VGL)
Printronix T8208 (PGL)
Printronix T8208 (VGL)
Printronix T8304 (PGL)
Printronix T8304 (VGL)
Printronix T8306 (PGL)
Printronix T8306 (VGL)
Printronix T8308 (PGL)
Printronix T8308 (VGL)

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