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Labeling Best Practices: 4 Tips to Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors - 4 Labeling Best Practices Tips

In a TEKLYNX poll, 93% of our customers stated they wanted to reduce errors in their labeling environment. Watch this quick video to learn labeling best practices to reduce labeling errors today!


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In a recent poll, 93% of users said they wanted to reduce errors. Here are four labeling best practices tips to reduce errors in your labeling process.


Tip 1: Database Driven Templates


  • Create variable fields on your label and connect them to fields in your database
  • Use formulas to calculate any values that depend on data from the database
  • The print user can select the correct database record and print


Tip 2: Print Only Licenses


  • Reduce errors by preventing unintended design changes
  • Allows for print only usage


Tip 3: Labeling Process Records and Reporting


  • A label traceability component allows you to trace errors back to the source and ensure they don't happen again
  • In the event of a recall, label traceability gives you visibility into which products were affected and how to identify them


Tip 4: Pick Lists and Data Validation


  • Variable pick lists allow the options in a pick list to change based on the selected database record
  • Data validation forces users to enter data in a specific format
  • Labels can be set up to prevent printing if the data is not validated


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With over 30 years of experience implementing efficient barcode labeling systems, TEKLYNX is here to help with yours. Take a shortcut to success by leveraging our expertise to implement best practices in your labeling environment.


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