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Barcode Better

At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.

Compare BarTender Enterprise to TEKLYNX CENTRAL

Are you looking for a different enterprise label management solution? Maybe one with high quality, award-winning customer support? You can choose TEKLYNX CENTRAL, the all-in-one labeling solution that will meet all your needs, over BarTender Enterprise.


You can use TEKLYNX CENTRAL, which is a centralized labeling solution combined with label design, label traceability, and a browser-based label printing interface. You will get similar features in TEKLYNX CENTRAL, but with better connections, fewer outages, and award-winning customer support.


If you value customer support, TEKLYNX is your best option. Our customer support team is always eager to help and can find a solution to your problem quickly. Phone calls to TEKLYNX are answered within 30 seconds by a live person located in the United States. That's right - no automated messaging system. We are always here for you!


"TEKLYNX and the enterprise team were instrumental in making automation happen for us. They helped remove the heartache of learning something new and made every ounce worth it."


– Freedom Ryan, Nemak

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Award-Winning Customer Support Like No Other

"Thank you for having support staff that cares, is knowledgeable and that are available! This proves to me how much your company believes in customer care and I will be spreading the word about your products. Great job!"


- Jason Cantrell, Kasai Group

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See what TEKLYNX CENTRAL has to offer

TEKLYNX CENTRAL is a centralized label management solution that handles label design, approval, printing, and reporting which can help organizations with complex labeling requirements. With the ability to manage supply chain labeling and integrate with ERP and other business systems, TEKLYNX CENTRAL helps you increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, and improve labeling processes.


  • Integrate with any ERP or WMS system such as Global Shop Solutions, Microsoft Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Sage, and more  
  • Comply with GHS and CFR for highly regulated industries to ensure accuracy through label management
  • Create complete version history and audit trails through a label's lifecycle
  • Manage unlimited printers from a single server, on-premise or in the cloud
  • Gain better printer flexibility with no waiting time to add or change printers  
  • Confidently move to TEKLYNX with a smooth transition during label conversion


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7 Key Components of a Successful Label Management System



Cloud-Enabled Labeling

Securely print labels from anywhere in the world, without the hassle of maintaining a local server. Learn how TEKLYNX makes it easy.


Professional Services

Don't let label conversion slow you down! We can help you save time by easily converting your BarTender labels to TEKLYNX labels. 

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See how TEKLYNX CENTRAL can replace BarTender Enterprise

Chat with us to learn more about making the switch from BarTender Enterprise to TEKLYNX CENTRAL. 

NOTE: Installation files are not provided due to the complex installation process. A member of our team will be in touch to set up a personalized demo. 
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