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Top Clean Injection Achieves Complete Compliance and Validation with LABEL ARCHIVE and IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation

Elisabeth Tavard Validation Manager at Top Clean Packaging

"We couldn’t have accomplished this level of label management and software validation without TEKLYNX."

Date: 05/25/2022 / Category: Case studies, Press releases


TEKLYNX label security and traceability software, plus validation accelerator pack, streamlines label approval and audit readiness for medical device manufacturer 


TEKLYNX International, provider of enterprise label design and management solutions, today released a case study highlighting how their label security and traceability software, LABEL ARCHIVE, plus the TEKLYNX Validation Accelerator Pack (VAP) helped Top Clean Injection validate their labeling process in a fraction of the expected time.


Top Clean Injection, the subsidiary of Top Clean Packaging, is a medical device sub-contractor of approximately 250 products that must comply with FDA and EU requirements regarding quality management systems, software validation, and labeling control. By adding TEKLYNX LABEL ARCHIVE  to their already implemented CODESOFT label design software plus the TEKLYNX VAP, or IQ/OQ/PQ documentation, Top Clean Injection established:



LABEL ARCHIVE supports their label traceability requirements and patient safety needs. TEKLYNX worked through the validation of LABEL ARCHIVE with Top Clean Injection. What would have taken two weeks and multiple people only took two Top Clean Injection staff 1.5 days.


“We couldn’t have accomplished this level of label management and software validation without TEKLYNX,” said Elisabeth Tavard, Validation Manager at Top Clean Packaging. “It’s good to know we had labeling software experts from TEKLYNX to work with our validation and IT teams to prepare the documentation. Now, we’re completely confident in our label approval process and what we’ll present to customers and auditors to show how our label system and printing is validated.”


Download the case study to read the full customer success story.


TEKLYNX developed the TEKLYNX VAP as a direct result of Top Clean Injection and other consumer demand. Learn more at


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