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Free Infographic on 7 Ways to Eliminate Waste in Your Labeling Process

Check out our free infographic on ways to eliminate waste in your labeling process.


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7 Wastes in Your Labeling Process and How To Overcome Them


Reduce waste and increase efficiency to provide more value to your customers and grow your bottom line. With the help of TEKLYNX labeling software, Newcastle mobility systems, and Zebra printers, your business can overcome these 7 types of waste to become more lean.




People, machines or materials waiting for another resource - Anyone waiting for work from upstream processes is wasteful. Quickly eliminate workers waiting for a shared printer by adding more mobile stations and gain faster printing through print automation




More work than is required - Process waste occurs when steps could be automated but are currently carried out manually with human interaction. Utilize a streamlined, digital approval process to cut down steps in the label approval process




Printing labels in batches causes overproduction waste - Use a labeling automation software that enables you to print quickly and on-demand. With Zebra's auto peel and cutting option, you can ensure the label is ready as soon as it's needed.

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People in movement - Workers walking to and from fixed printers or computers can be as much as 50% in some processes. Reduce motion by making your printer move WITH you.




Excess products not being used - Inventory waste can include keeping outdated label files. Get rid of this inventory waste by using a labeling storage software that only makes pre-approved labels available for print.




Unnecessary movement of people, products or information - Eliminate moving goods to a stationary printer for labeling and allow loads to be processed at the dock by using a mobile shipping or receiving station.




Rework and incorrect documentation - Waste from defective labels could be as small as a few wasted labels, or as massive as hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on a product recall. Limit inaccurate labels by enforcing data validation through your label design software, and print at the source of your activity to reduce defects.


Are you looking to remove waste and create more efficiencies in your labeling?