Shipping & Receiving

TEKLYNX GS1-128 label software provides a complete-loop solution with a range of identification, tracking, and mobility products that offer traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Looking for a high performance label design and printing operation that can be tightly integrated with an existing enterprise system? Look no further. TEKLYNX software solutions allow you to keep productivity high, reduce errors, and increase Return on Investment (ROI). Our solutions can help companies in all phases of the supply chain, from raw material suppliers to the end customer, with a wide range of applications from Inventory Management to Manufacturing to Customer Delivery.

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TEKLYNX software solutions allow you to streamline your shipping and receiving process, while keeping productivity high, reducing errors, and increasing ROI.


  • Conform to retailers' carton labeling requirements based on the GS1-128 label specification
  • Design product labels with Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers and bar codes
  • Integrate with larger customers' Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using GS1-128 code advance-ship notices
  • Integrate high quality bar code label printing with Enterprise systems and print high-volume label print runs
  • Accurately track on hand inventory to help project what will be needed for current and future jobs
  • Track material from the time it enters the plant through the manufacturing process and even as it is assembled into final product