TEKLYNX barcode manufacturing software creates product labels with SKU numbers and barcodes, prints to one or hundreds of printers, and works with ERP, WMS, or MRP systems.

Essential to the success of any manufacturing operation is the accurate identification of the goods being produced. From warehouse labels to pallet labels, to carton tags, item labels, and vendor compliant shipping labels, TEKLYNX software solutions can fulfill the identification labeling requirements of any manufacturing facility.

Whether you need a standalone labeling solution or you need to tie into an existing Enterprise system, TEKLYNX offers superior label design, host connectivity, and data collection software to support your manufacturing environment.

Find out how TEKLYNX fits with your industry:

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive Award

We asked a lot from TEKLYNX, they stepped up to the challenge. We have cut down on labor, IT and administrative costs across operations in more than 30 locations nationwide and have increased our printers from 1 to 140 since we implemented TEKLYNX’s solution. This growth is a testimony to how SENTINEL with CODESOFT fosters progression in an enterprise.

- Jim Archambault,Project Leader of Lippert Components, Inc. & Kinro, Inc.


  • Quickly and easily design and print product labels, pallet labels, warehouse labels, shelf labels, compliance labels, and shipping & receiving labels that meet industry specifications
  • Connect data from a host system to print bar code labels
  • Handle hundreds of requests printing to hundreds of printers, working hand-in-hand with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems
  • Design product labels with Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers and bar codes
  • Integrate bar code label printing with Enterprise systems and print high-volume label print runs
  • Accurately track on-hand inventory to help project what will be needed for current and future jobs
  • Track material from the time it enters the plant through the manufacturing process, is assembled into the final product, and shipped from the distribution center or warehouse management system