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At TEKLYNX, we believe barcode software isn’t just something you buy. It’s an integrated technology solution that makes your company work.


New TEKLYNX Subscription Licensing Makes Leading Solutions Accessible

Date: 10/09/2012 / Category: Press releases


First barcode label design solution featuring subscription licensing option offers users lower cost, easier upgrades


MILWAUKEE (October 9, 2012)TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading developer of barcode labeling software solutions, today introduced a new subscription licensing option for its label design programs. As the only barcode label design company offering subscription licensing, TEKLYNX created this option to make its solutions more accessible to end users and provide more opportunity for resellers.


End users, whose label design requirements range from complex to stand-alone applications, now have access to an alternative with lower upfront cost, while benefiting from included maintenance and optional upgrades. Users no longer have to purchase a separate Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and resellers no longer have to manage potentially complex SMA renewals. Subscription licensing helps resellers build a long-term relationship with their clients and ensures that customers have the best possible experience.


The subscription licensing option also includes guaranteed technical support and the option to use the most up-to-date technology for TEKLYNX label design products, and offers flexibility that goes beyond a traditional software license. A subscription license allows companies with short-term projects or temporary locations to purchase a one-year license with full functionality at a lower cost, while downtime is eliminated for regular users through a simple renewal process. Subscription licensing is now available for CODESOFT and LABELVIEW, and will be available for LABEL MATRIX with the version 2012 release later this fall.


"TEKLYNX provides the best label design software in the industry and now we’re the only provider to offer this cost-effective and convenient option," said Laura Henderson, TEKLYNX Managing Director. "Subscription licensing offers our customers a choice, so that every business can select the option that’s right for them. It is truly a competitive differentiator and will help us and our value-added resellers build long-term relationships with our end users."


At the core of TEKLYNX is the desire to go beyond basic software development to create solutions designed to help businesses increase efficiency and streamline operations. Their commitment to building partnerships and cultivating relationships makes TEKLYNX not just a software vendor, but a partner invested in solving business challenges.




TEKLYNX International is the world’s leading developer of barcode labeling software solutions. Its products feature the widest range of device and driver support in the industry. TEKLYNX is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, and has connectivity relationships with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software providers. More than 600,000 companies in 120 countries rely on its integrated software solutions for supply chain automation, warehouse management, shipping and receiving, inventory control and asset management. TEKLYNX is headquartered in France with operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Singapore. More information on TEKLYNX is available at

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