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Seamless Upgrade from LABEL MATRIX to LABELVIEW Meets Labeling Goals

Jess Roethle Corporate Facility & Purchasing Manager

"Our internal employees supported the decision to move to LABELVIEW because of how much easier the new software made their day to day labeling operations."

Date: 08/06/2020 / Category: Case studies


TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, today reported that the implementation of barcode label software, LABELVIEW, improved labeling accuracy and customer compliance for more than 1200 products in multiple locations resulting in greater efficiency for leading agriculture and horticulture company, Natural Beauty Growers. 


Natural Beauty Growers grows over 100 million finished and young plants annually at over 75 acres of greenhouse growing space located in Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota. The company had successfully been using TEKLYNX entry-level label design software, LABEL MATRIX and a QuickLabel Printer for their labeling environment. However, they needed to upgrade to a new printer due to new labeling requirements from a customer – one of the largest retailers in the United States.  


To meet the new labeling requirements that were put in place by their customer, Natural Beauty Growers purchased an Epson ColorWorks 7500G printer, which in turn inspired them to re-evaluate their current barcode labeling software. The software needed to be able to integrate variable data and enable employees to print on-demand in full color. “The choice was easy,” stated Jess Roethle, Corporate Facility & Purchasing Manager. “TEKLYNX had an abundance of printer drivers to choose from as well as live customer support to help our internal teams learn their new LABELVIEW software.” LABELVIEW’s plethora of printer driver compatibility ensured seamless integration with the Epson ColorWorks 7500G printer that guaranteed WYSIWYG printing for their on-demand color labeling needs. 


“Everything we do at TEKLYNX is aimed at offering scalable barcode labeling solutions that can seamlessly grow with our customers’ business needs. We take great pride in knowing that TEKLYNX LABELVIEW design software epitomizes how we are able to help Natural Beauty barcode better, positioning them to keep expanding their business with both new and existing customers,” states TEKLYNX General Manager, Doug Niemeyer. 


LABELVIEW is a robust and dependable label printing software solution. With the ability to connect to any database, this software is designed for mid-level labeling requirements to help users barcode better. Key features of LABELVIEW include: 


With their newly implemented barcode label design software, LABELVIEW, Natural Beauty Growers was able to seamlessly upgrade their previous labeling environment with zero downtime. Natural Beauty Growers also had the ability to: 


“Our internal employees supported the decision to move to LABELVIEW because of how much easier the new software made their day to day labeling operations. With the simplicity of converting from LABEL MATRIX to LABELVIEW and the live support at our disposal, the transition was much simpler for Natural Beauty Growers,” states Roethle.  


To read more about Natural Beauty Growers’ experience with LABELVIEW, download the full case study here. To learn more about TEKLYNX barcode labeling software solutions, visit  

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