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Cannabis Retailer Labels Cannabis Products 5x Faster With Automatic Labeling Solution

Rob Wienhoff Chicago Coding Systems President

“There’s ROI all over the place because CODESOFT allows this company to print from a single label file for every different cannabis product they have."

Date: 04/19/2023 / Category: Press releases, Case studies


Combined solution eliminates the need to manually label products or manage countless individual label files, plus streamlines operations and fosters sustainability by reducing pre-printed label waste


TEKLYNX International, RFID and barcode label solution provider for the cannabis industry, today released a case study highlighting how their advanced barcode label design software, CODESOFT, plus print-and-apply labeling systems helped a national cannabis consumer packaged goods company and retailer label cannabis products five times faster.


Previously, this company was purchasing pre-printed labels and manually labeling every cannabis product container one by one with a brand label, safety seal, strain label, drug analysis label, and a dispensary label. This resulted in an extremely slow labeling process against a rapidly growing cannabis market and demanding retail sales.


TEKLYNX value-added reseller, Chicago Coding Systems, worked with them to deploy print-and-apply labeling systems—leveraging CODESOFT software and Zebra label printers—through most of their sites across the United States. This combined solution:



“There’s ROI all over the place because CODESOFT allows this company to print from a single label file for every different cannabis product they have,” said Rob Wienhoff, Chicago Coding Systems President.


“Chicago Coding Systems is a true solutions provider that finds ways to create efficiencies in their customer’s manufacturing environments,” explained Nick Recht, Sales Manager at TEKLYNX Americas. “They tailor-make labeling systems that work perfectly in the cannabis industry, seamlessly install these custom systems into production lines, and empower their customers to confidently use our software.”


Download the case study to read the full customer success story.


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