Food Traceability PTI Label Software

Regulation: Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)

Industry: Food & Beverage

Food traceability PTI softwareFood Logistics 2016 ChampionsThe Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is an industry-wide effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness of track and trace procedures throughout the produce supply chain, while also reducing the impact of potential recalls or similar problems.

Whether you are a small community farming operation or a major produce supplier, it is essential to have PTI-compliant barcode labels.

TEKLYNX' Food Traceability PTI Label Software provides built-in Voice Pick codes that can easily be incorporated into label designs, as well as design wizards to assist in generating the required Global Trade Item Number (GTIN),Batch/Lot Number, and Pack/Harvest Date in both human- readable form and in machine-readable GS1-128 barcode.


Major retailers such as Wal-Mart require that all fresh produce shipped to their distribution centers must show a standardized case label, consistent with the PTI requirements.  Non-compliant labeled product will be rejected, leading to returns at the cost of the supplier and wasted product. 

Increase consumer confidence in the safety of your products by ensuring they can be traced back to their original source. 

PTI VoicePick Label in TEKLYNX Software

Check out our video on creating a Voice Pick code:

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