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SupplyTech Breakthrough Names TEKLYNX the AIDC Company of the Year

Datum: 06/07/2023 / Categorie: Awards, Persberichten


SupplyTech Breakthrough Award AIDC Company of the Year BadgeTEKLYNX International, known globally for their barcode labeling software solutions, today announced being recognized with the AIDC Company of the Year award in the annual SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards program by SupplyTech Breakthrough.


This award recognizes TEKLYNX for standout services and global labeling products. Being named AIDC Company of the Year emphasizes the dedication and commitment from TEKLYNX to offer secure, efficient, and reliable labeling solutions that meet industry standards and regulations, minimize errors, and help companies around the world barcode better.


"Thank you to SupplyTech Breakthrough for recognizing we work around the clock to differentiate ourselves through customer support and innovation," said Thierry Mauger, TEKLYNX International President. "We take immense pride in knowing our software solutions contribute to the growth and success of our customers."


TEKLYNX cares about the full lifecycle of barcode labels. Label design, print automation, automatic label approval workflows, user roles and permissions, full audit history of changes, comments, and print history for every label, plus centralized label management is all within the TEKLYNX software suite. The scalability, quality, and flexibility of TEKLYNX software solutions sets them apart in the AIDC space.


"We're honored to award TEKLYNX 'AIDC Company of the Year!' More than ever, manufacturers are looking at barcodes and how their labeling process can function more efficiently and accurately - not to mention securely," said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards. "TEKLYNX is an outstanding example of an AIDC organization that breaks through the market with its scalable software solutions and unparalleled customer support. As supply chain needs are changing quickly, their labeling solutions can evolve and position their customers for a successful future."


More than 750,000 companies in over 170 countries trust TEKLYNX products and the people behind them. Learn more at



TEKLYNX International helps supply chains work better. With over 30 years of experience, TEKLYNX is the global leader because of its reliable software and superior customer support. To learn more about how the TEKLYNX community helps companies across industries worldwide, visit or call TEKLYNX in your region. Barcode Better™ with TEKLYNX.



Part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading global provider of market intelligence and recognition platforms for technology innovation and leadership, the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring innovation and market disruption in supply chain & logistics technologies, services, companies and products around the world. Learn more at

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