TEKLYNX RFID Label Software

RFID Labeling Capabilities

rfid labeling software

On-Demand Smart Label RFID Printing

Many companies require on-demand Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labeling. 

TEKLYNX RFID label software allows you to design labels with RFID objects just as you would with text, images, and other barcodes. Easy-to-use and flexible, TEKLYNX’ RFID capabilities also allow you to easily implement both barcode scanning tools and RFID technology to capture data.


TEKLYNX provides full RFID label software support in CODESOFT Enterprise RFID, SENTINEL, and TEKLYNX CENTRAL.

rfid labeling software

Red circle illustrates that the RFID tag is not always visible when printed on a smart label. Finished RFID Label Designed in CODESOFT Enterprise RFID label software. Download a free demo today!

RFID Tag Type Support  

CODESOFT Enterprise, SENTINEL, and TEKLYNX CENTRAL supports many tag types available in RFID-capable printers from a variety of manufacturers, including GS1 Electronic Product Code (EPC) Gen2 standard + ISO 18000-6C (Previously EPC Class 1) I-CODE, Tag-It, My-d, TagSys, and Picotag. (Click here for access to the TEKLYNX Driver Service Pack (DSP), while includes a full list of TEKLYNX’ 2800+ native printer drivers.)

RFID Data Formats

TEKLYNX supports most formats for data encoding on RFID tags, including the GRAI, DoD, SGLN, GDTI, GIAI, SGTIN GID, GSRN, and SGLN and SSCC formats, as well as custom RFID data formats.

How it is Used

RFID tags can be used for a variety of real world applications such as:

  • Real Time Location System (RTLS) of assets, employees, or customers
  • Item level inventory tracking
  • Logistics and supply chain visibility
  • IT or internal asset tracking
  • Access control for security
  • Attendee tracking for tradeshows
  • Materials management and tool tracking for industries such as construction


There are endless benefits to using RFID tags, including:

  • More precise, real-time control of inventory in supply chain
  • Elimination of error-prone manual processes
  • Increased item security: tagging items allows them to be tracked inside a confined facility or space
  • Real-time information flow: as soon as an item changes state (removed from shelf, sold, etc.), the information can be updated across the supply chain
  • Higher throughput supply chains: RFID allows many items to be counted simultaneously

RFID Tag Display

rfid labeling software

RFID Label Being Designed in CODESOFT Enterprise RFID label software

TEKLYNX allows you to see the outline of the RFID tag on the screen as you are designing your label. For reference, this is highlighted by the red circle in the above image. This helps prevent obstructing the tag with other label objects.

TEKLYNX’ preset label templates include a graphic that shows the outline image, and also allows you to use custom graphics.

The Future of RFID

Contrary to popular belief, RFID is not a new technology. It is constantly, and quickly, evolving with new applications and capabilities.  As minor changes in RFID standards and tags arise, you may download an upgrade from the TEKLYNX DSP on our website.

TEKLYNX will continue to keep track of any changes or updates in standards and practices in RFID and will update the software to meet changing needs.

Want to learn more about RFID labeling with TEKLYNX?

Download a free demo of CODESOFT Enterprise RFID label software and see for yourself!