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Noi di TEKLYNX riteniamo che un software per codici a barre non sia solo una cosa che acquisti. È una soluzione tecnologica integrata che fa funzionare la tua azienda.


Efficient Barcode Labeling Enabled by Better Connections

Travis Wayne

Efficient Barcode Labeling Enabled by Better Connections


Today, the burden on companies from the existing workforce shortage is increased by each new wave of COVID-19 with additional workers unable to attend work due to illness or quarantine requirements. The pressure to do more with less has never been greater. 


Improving connections between people, software, and systems enables you to achieve greater output with fewer resources. Better connections in your barcode labeling process can have a major impact on your bottom line and set your company up for success in the future. 




Break free from manual labeling processes and experience efficient barcode labeling. This blog post will discuss how efficient barcode labeling is enabled by better connections in TEKLYNX labeling software.  


Ultimate Labeling Efficiency with Label Print Automation 


Take a moment to picture your ideal label printing process: zero errors, instant print jobs, perfect quality, and no re-prints ever. In a perfect world, workers wouldn’t have to interact with a labeling system at all – the labels would simply print when and where they are needed. Most workers wouldn’t even realize there is a fully automated labeling system working behind the scenes.  


The ultimate labeling automation system is possible with label print automation software. Your business system already houses most, if not all, of the data that needs to be printed on your labels. By using a light-touch integration method, the label print automation solution can process the print request in a variety of ways. Some common input sources include: 



The received data is then processed based on predetermined rules, correctly mapped onto your label template, and printed! Even the printer selection can be defined in the data input.  


For ultimate barcode labeling efficiency, use label print automation software TEKLYNX SENTINEL to automate label printing behind the scenes.  




If full label printing automation is out of reach for your company today, don’t worry! You can still build an efficient barcode labeling system using database connections, label print forms, and native printer drivers.


Efficient Label Data Flow with Database Connections


For companies without a full business system application, data is often stored in a database or spreadsheet. This data can be connected to your label templates using label design software to eliminate the need for manual data entry by workers.


To set up a database-connected label template, first add the static text, lines, and shapes to the label template:


Efficient Barcode Label Template for Database Connections


Then, use the database connection wizard to connect to any of the following local or cloud database types:



Once the database is connected, the fields will be available as data sources to be placed on the label in the appropriate position and format: text, barcode, or image. 


Placing Database Fields onto a Label Template


After the database fields have been placed onto the label template, you can scroll through the database records and select which record(s) you wish to print at print time. Watch our full training webinar: Creating Database Connections with TEKLYNX Software


Database connections make your barcode label data flow highly efficient by eliminating manual data entry and speeding up the printing process. 


Efficient Label Printing Process with Label Print Forms 


Label print forms are a very flexible way to add efficiency to your barcode label printing process. Forms can be used in virtually any labeling environment, whether you have connected databases or not.  

Label Print Form for Efficient Barcode Labeling


The simplest label print forms allow users to input data at print time without directly editing the label template. We call these “When Printed” fields. Of course, manual data entry leaves room for mistakes, so make sure to use data validation on the print form.  


Data validation requires users to stick to a specified format for data entry. For example, only numbers may be used for a Quantity field, a Phone Number field must be in the format (###)-###-####, or a Lot Number field requires 10 alphanumeric characters. Presenting your print users with a data validated form makes it simpler and easier to print correct labels. 


Label print forms can be combined with database connections by setting up a table lookup. A table lookup uses a Key Field in your database to select a database record for print. For example, the print user keys in a Product ID associated with the Widget 3000 10-pack. The Product ID is a unique value associated only with this product, making it an ideal Key Field. The table lookup uses the Product ID to automatically pull in all the correct label data for the Widget 3000 10-pack product label, and accurate labels are printed. 


No matter how you’re printing labels today or where your label data comes from, label print forms are flexible enough to add efficiency to any labeling process. Watch our full training webinar: Creating Your Ideal Label Printing Process with Forms


Efficient Printer Communication with Native Printer Drivers 


The methods described above form better connections between people and systems. Did you know you can also form better connections between your software and hardware by using native embedded printer drivers? Better software to hardware connections mean faster print speeds with more accurate results, leading to greater barcode labeling efficiency.  


What is a printer driver? Software and printers speak two different “languages,” so they need a “translator,” known as a driver. Generic printer drivers are built to work with a variety of software and are not specialized for any particular program. Native printer drivers are specifically developed to work with a particular software and printer model, providing optimized communication. 


TEKLYNX is the only barcode label software developer to invest in development of native printer drivers for thermal, thermal transfer, and inkjet label printers. We work closely with hundreds of printer manufacturers to develop and maintain native drivers for over 4,000 printer models. These native printer drivers allow you to adjust settings specific to the exact printer you’re using. TEKLYNX software and user settings are retained during version upgrades, saving you time. 


When selecting your printer in TEKLYNX label design software, always look for the native printer driver option to optimize the communication to your printer and make barcode labeling more efficient. 


Efficient Barcode Labeling Through Better Connections 


Achieve greater business efficiency with an efficient barcode labeling system enabled by better connections. Whether you’re ready to implement a fully automation solution, or you want to add efficiency into your existing labeling process, TEKLYNX labeling experts are here to help. Request a free labeling efficiency consultation today! 




Want more content on the topic of efficient barcode labeling? Watch our video and view our infographic!  

About Travis


Travis Wayne is the Product Manager at TEKLYNX. Travis applies his 20+ years of IT and health sciences experience to empower businesses to streamline operations and barcode better by applying software and technology. He works to continually improve TEKLYNX strategic planning, product and project management principles, and cross-functional communications. When not working, he enjoys many outdoor activities with his wife and two children. 


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