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Noi di TEKLYNX riteniamo che un software per codici a barre non sia solo una cosa che acquisti. È una soluzione tecnologica integrata che fa funzionare la tua azienda.


Label Automation for Distributors: Interview with a Director of Automation

Nick Recht

Label Automation for Distributors: Interview with a Director of Automation


Manufacturers are always seeking ways to implement lean principles and meet modern security requirements. Label automation solutions for the warehousing and distribution industry that can help to achieve those goals. Dot Foods came to a point in their labeling process where they were looking to modernize their labeling operations and improve speed & accuracy.


That’s where TEKLYNX came in to help.


Dot Foods Leads in Food Distribution


Dot Foods is the largest food industry redistributor in North America and has been helping companies move food products more efficiently and cost-effectively from manufacturer to distributor since 1960. They were looking for a new label automation solution that could grow with their expanding distribution business and support their labeling needs.  


Interview with Troy Schenk, Dot Foods Director of Automation


Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Troy Schenk and discussing Dot Foods' goals around labeling automation. They were looking to improve reliability when changes arose, print to 300+ printers without going over budget, integrate labeling with their existing WMS system (JDA), all while meeting internal security requirements.


Nick Recht (NR), TEKLYNX: Thanks so much for talking with me today, Troy. Can you give us some background and explain your role at Dot Foods and how involved you are with the labeling process?


Troy Schenk (TS), Dot Foods: Dot Foods is a family-owned and operated food industry redistributor. We’re currently operating 14 distribution centers in North America and providing supply chain solutions for customers in all 50 states and more than 45 countries. I’m responsible for all the technology on the distribution side of the business, and labeling is a critical part of our system not only for customer requirements but for internal use as well.  


NR: Absolutely it is. Can you tell me about your labeling process prior to implementing labeling automation and how you came to choose us?  


TS: With our previous label printing solution, we were essentially just outgrowing it. We were having a lot of problems with support and were desperate for new features to gain efficiencies in our process. We started doing market research and looking at different software providers throughout the industry. Eventually, we decided on TEKLYNX’ print automation solution, SENTINEL, for its ease-of-use, features available, and support offered. SENTINEL also allowed us to meet our internal labeling requirements to maintain our High Availability (HA) environment, essential for our operation to avoid a possible interruption in distribution. Overall, it’s been a great partnership for us.  


NR: I couldn’t agree more. What made you finally decide on TEKLYNX?  


TS: What stood out for us was TEKLYNX was just doing a great job of walking through the process in its entirety. We were being shown every feature and how it could benefit us, specifically ones that would enable us to implement label printing automation and remove manual steps. This, coupled with the outstanding customer support they provided throughout, really sold us. You guys were all just really good to work with.  


NR: After implementing SENTINEL, how were your labeling operations?  


TS: Moving labeling software platforms allowed us to do a lot of different things and print labels in different ways. Database printing has made our printing a lot faster and allowed us to work with new equipment and gain efficiency in the warehouse by using portable printers. SENTINEL integrated seamlessly with our current Warehouse Management System (WMS), JDA, ensuring no downtime happened in the transitional period. These kinds of features are setting us up for success now and into the future.  


NR: How does this compare to before implementing a labeling automation solution?  


TS: The printing process went from 10 seconds to almost instantaneous, which is a huge improvement in productivity & morale booster.  


NR: What do you see for the future of Dot Foods?  


TS: In the future at Dot Foods, I hope to continue implementing these kinds of lean principles and technology solutions to help us continue to meet security requirements and keep our efficiency up.




Learn more about Dot Foods by reading the case study here.


Label Automation for Distributors


Companies in the warehousing & distribution industry rely on label print automation solutions to make their process efficient and avoid any potential downtime. Dot Foods uses SENTINEL automated label printing solution to maintain their HA environment and gain reliability in all 14 distribution centers across North America.


If you’re looking for a labeling automation solution for your distribution business, TEKLYNX is here to help. Get in touch with us today! 


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