GHS Compliant Label Software

Meet your GHS (Globally Harmonized System) label requirements and CLP regulations with TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS offers GHS solutions that support chemical labeling requirements by creating labels to accurately identify chemicals and offer maximum traceability. While GHS system regulations are just starting to be implemented in global businesses, it is anticipated that all existing chemical labeling systems will transition to these requirements over time.


When we are asked what sets TEKLYNX apart from the rest, it comes down to 3 main things: reputation, product innovation, and people. For companies big or small, simple or complex, TEKLYNX has a solution that will fit your needs and grow with you as your complexities evolve.

Business Benefits

Get a head start on GHS compliance by implementing a single solution that meets all of your business needs.

Hosted label printing for supplier networks. By enabling out-of-network printing, local printing features allow you to force suppliers and/or vendors to print your internally approved labels.

Improve brand awareness internally and externally. Customize the color scheme of your user interface and add your company’s logo to the print page. Whether it’s an internal resource or a vendor printing from your TEKLYNX CENTRAL instance, your branding is carried through.

Reduce errors and gain quick return on investment. Complete process automation and centralized management streamline your GHS MSDS labeling tasks. The solution’s simplified print interface reduces reprints and saves material costs.

Increase accuracy and productivity. A customizable user interface reduces complexity so end users only need to learn the GHS labels they are responsible for printing.

Minimize IT administration. A central interface to manage workflow approval rules and user authorizations reduces the amount of time your IT staff spends setting up and maintaining the system.

Increase efficiency. The browser-based TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS user interface reduces the complexity for end users throughout the enterprise labeling process.

Flexible and scalable. An unparalleled number of configuration options and compatible printers and drivers make this system easy to integrate into your existing process.

Industry-standard labeling elements at your fingertips. TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS can pull symbols, signal words, and hazard elements from a centralized database, ensuring that your compliance labels contain essential, approved messages to increase efficiency.

The TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS solution includes:

  • A label designer that can easily design a label using information from a text file or database, to include standardized data elements that meet GHS requirements.
  • A label approval module that allows you to approve label designs using electronic signatures, helping you meet industry mandates that require label security and traceability.
  • An automated network printing module that can manage hundreds of printers in multiple locations from a single server, saving you time and money in implementation.
  • Custom reporting options that provide complete document history and activity logs.
  • A browser-based user interface for label selection and true Internet printing from anywhere in the world.
  • A single Command Center that coordinates your enterprise labeling process.


When we are asked what sets TEKLYNX apart from the rest, it comes down to 3 main things: reputation, product innovation, and people. For companies big or small, simple or complex, TEKLYNX has a solution that will fit your needs and grow with you as your complexities evolve.
Operating System
Windows® Server 2008 SP2
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows® Server 2012 / 2012 R2
Windows® 32/64-bit platform

Windows® Vista SP2
Windows® 7 SP1
Windows® 8/8.1
Windows® 32/64-bit platform
2 GB RAM recommended
Hard Disk Space
Hard drive with at least 3 GB of available space

Hard drive with at least 1.5 GB of available space
Recommended: 1024 x 768 True Color
Supporting Software
Internet Explorer 9 or greater
Firefox 23.0 or greater
Google Chrome 29.0 or greater.
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1,
.NET Framework 4.0
ASP .NET 4.0
IIS 7.0 or greater
SQL Server 2008/2008R2/2012 or Oracle 11 (Oracle Client 32-bit is recommended on both 32/64 bit systems)
Internet Explorer 9 or greater
Firefox 23.0 or greater
Google Chrome 29.0 or greater
Microsoft® Data Access Components 2.8 (MDAC)
Microsoft® .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater
Additional Requirements
DVD drive
What is GHS?
GHS is an acronym for The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This system is designed to standardize and harmonize the classification of labeling of chemicals. The goal is to create consistent protection for people who are potentially exposed to chemicals and simplify regulations for companies producing chemicals. By complying with GHS, companies benefit from a safer work environment, an increase in efficiency and reduced costs through compliance with hazard communication regulations, and a simplified international transmission process.
Are all chemicals covered by the GHS?
Yes – this classification process, which is designed to identify possible hazards associated with substances, products, mixtures, preparations, or any other compound, helps companies convey information about the hazards associated with these chemicals.
What technology does TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS use for enterprise label management and printing?
The label design component of TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS is powered by CODESOFT and the label management module is powered by LABEL ARCHIVE. The browser-based printing interface is powered by LABELNET, while the central print management is powered by SENTINEL.
What languages does CODESOFT support?
Europe, Middle-East and Africa range: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Asia range: Chinese (simplified + traditional), English, Japanese, Korean.
How is TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS licensed?
TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS is licensed by the number of printers, print users, label design users, and reporting users you need. After you’ve purchased TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS, you can easily add printers and users as your company grows.
Can I centrally manage all my user licenses and rights for all components of my enterprise labeling system?
Yes, all printers, print users, label design users, and report users are managed on a single server. Authentication can be configured to use TEKLYNX user security or Windows Active Directory.
Do I need to install anything on individual workstations in order to print?
No, the browser based printing interface launches in your Internet Explorer browser, so no separate software installation is needed.
Can TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS help manage the approval of my labels?
Yes. The label management component gives you the ability to create custom approval rules. Users can approve labels from within the label designer or through a web interface.
Can I give specific rights to different users?
Yes, you can configure users to have access to different features in TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS, as well as configure your system to control user access to labels and printers.
Can my users visually validate labels at print time?
The browser-based printing interface displays a preview of the label directly above the Print button. If variable information is added at print time, the preview is updated to display that information.
Can I prevent users from modifying my label designs and printing unapproved labels?
The label design cannot be modified at print time. You can also configure your system to restrict user access to labels and printers to prevent printing unapproved labels.
What reporting options does TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS offer?
Reports can be created on print history or document modification. The reports can be customized to display the most critical information for your business.
Can I track and report on my print history?
Yes, a Print History report can be generated on the server. The Print History report displays the date/time, printer, and variable information printed on the label. TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS also logs the user, workstation, product, and work order that are associated with each print job.
What database does CENTRAL GHS use to store labels and configuration data?
The label and configuration data is stored in a Microsoft SQL database. The data that prints on the label can be queried through any OLE database connection.
Where do I manage my printers?
Printers are installed, configured, and managed on the server, giving you peace of mind that the printer settings won’t be inappropriately adjusted on individual workstations.
Can I print outside the company network?
Yes, when the browser-based printing interface is published on a public domain, users can print to printers connected to their local network. A browser-based user interface allows for label selection and true Internet printing from anywhere in the world!
How do I get a demo or trial version of TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS?
Contact TEKLYNX in your region or fill out the demo request form.
Pricing is available from our sales department. Contact TEKLYNX in your region.