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The Direct Impact of an Integrated Cannabis Labeling Solution

Travis Wayne

The Direct Impact of an Integrated Cannabis Labeling Solution


Do you have multiple disparate systems your team needs to interact with to do their job and labeling tasks? Consider the positive impact a fully integrated cannabis labeling solution could have on your company’s operations, productivity, and revenue. Companies that integrate labeling software with other business systems are decreasing errors, increasing efficiency, and experiencing revenue growth. 


Let's talk about integrating your cannabis labeling system with your ERP or seed-to-sale business system


This blog will go through what an integrated cannabis labeling solution is (and what it’s not), the benefits of integration, and ways to integrate your labeling software. 


What is an integrated cannabis labeling solution? 


Let’s start with what integration is NOT in relation to your cannabis labeling environment. Your system is disconnected (and a good candidate for labeling integration) if label print jobs are initiated by: 



Integration is the interconnection of disparate software applications to enhance overall functionality and improve results. Complete system integration is particularly beneficial to the cannabis labeling process because the data typically included on a label comes from various areas of the business. 


Many businesses focus on integrating their labeling solution with other systems, including: 



CODESOFT RFID and barcode label software seamlessly integrates with Metrc, BioTrack, Leaf Data, or other seed-to-sale software solutions. Plus, by integrating your labeling solution with a scale, you can pull real-time product weight directly into label templates. 


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State-specific cannabis label templates are available in the latest version of CODESOFT barcode label software, so you can easily pull in data and print cannabis labels quickly.


How does cannabis labeling integration benefit your company? 


Simplified use and maintenance.

When a labeling environment is configured to pull variable data into a single label template, it simplifies the management of label files for administrators by reducing the number of files that are stored in the system. When a system is integrated, sharing information between those systems is seamless and daily usage is simplified through unified workflows and single sign-in technology. 


Improved return on investment (ROI) on existing infrastructure.

Your business has likely invested a significant amount of money into the implementation of an ERP, WMS, or other seed-to-sale software solutions. An integrated cannabis labeling solution helps extend the ROI by leveraging existing systems rather than allocating budget to a new solution.


Increased efficiency and accuracy.

Integration helps increase efficiency, adhere to cannabis labeling regulations and emerging standards, and improve accuracy by allowing organizations to automate various aspects of the labeling process. For example, you can automatically trigger print jobs from devices, like a scale or scanner, or by entering an order number. Automation eliminates the risk of data entry errors, choosing the wrong label file, or printing to the wrong printer. 


SENTINEL print automation software enables label printing to be initiated out of any business system or seed-to-sale software. You can print labels with zero clicks to unlimited printers across your company. 


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You can also eliminate unnecessary IT interaction when it comes to your cannabis label printing process management. SENTINEL requires little to no manual maintenance once configured and leverages CODESOFT printer drivers to support accurate and fast printing.


Cannabis labeling integration doesn’t have to be complex (or costly) 


Custom integrations can prove to be costly and time-intensive to setup and to maintain moving forward. Often, custom integrations require much more programmatical intertwining of code between your business systems and labeling software. This results in increased investments and complexity when upgrading any of the involved business systems or labeling software, as the associated applications would require updates as well. 


Off-the-shelf solutions include many optional features that can easily be turned on or off and can often meet your requirements at a fraction of the cost – which will yield quicker ROI and save hefty ongoing maintenance and development costs that come along with custom integrations.  


There are two common ways to integrate your labeling software to pull cannabis product information efficiently onto your label, including strain, type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), weight, and THC and CBD levels: 


  1. Use data from a database or your business system for smarter label design: Create fields within the design of your cannabis labels and connect those fields to the necessary database. Your business system already holds the variable data needed on your labels, such as product information, batch or lot code, shipping addresses, order numbers, etc. This connection allows you to select a key data element (such as order number) and all other data is automatically populated onto the label. This simple integration saves print user time and eliminates user data entry errors since the data is automatically populating into the label. 
  2. Print labels directly from your business system: Trigger label print jobs directly out of your ERP system instead of opening a label design application. Fewer systems to work in means a quicker and simpler label printing process, allowing production workers to focus on their primary tasks. 

Action in a Business System


For many companies, especially cannabis startups, cost is a major consideration when assessing labeling solutions. Subscription licensing allows you to use industry-leading labeling software at a lower cost of entry. This model is a lower upfront investment, and the expense is distributed over time. 


It’s never too late to improve your business processes through labeling system integration  


A fully integrated cannabis labeling solution can transform your company. It can help save time, reduce manual steps, and improve ROI. TEKLYNX off-the-shelf labeling solutions can offer easy (and simple) integrations to connect with your database, business system, or other seed-to-sale business system to reduce manual interaction and make labeling more efficient. Let us help you discover your expected ROI from integrations with a free assessment of your cannabis labeling environment.


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For more information on cannabis labeling, check out our Labeling for the Cannabis Industry eBook, which provides an in-depth look at how cultivators, processors, and dispensers of all sizes leverage on-demand labeling and label management solutions to help overcome labeling challenges and gain competitive advantage in this quickly growing market.

About Travis


Travis Wayne is the Product Manager at TEKLYNX. Travis applies his 20+ years of IT and health sciences experience to empower businesses to streamline operations and barcode better by applying software and technology. He works to continually improve TEKLYNX strategic planning, product and project management principles, and cross-functional communications. When not working, he enjoys many outdoor activities with his wife and two children. 


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This article on integrated cannabis labeling solutions was incredibly informative! I appreciated how the article highlighted the challenges faced by cannabis producers when it comes to labeling, especially with the constantly changing regulations.


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