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5 Signs It’s Time to Evaluate Your Labeling System

Doug Niemeyer

5 Signs It’s Time to Evaluate Your Labeling System


You wouldn’t wait years to go to the doctor for a check-up. We go to the doctor to make sure we're healthy, to prevent future illness, and to ask questions about healthy living habits. Your labeling system needs that same kind of attention.


Technology, regulations, and consumer demands continue to evolve. These pressures drive the need to re-evaluate systems and processes to ensure expectations are able to be met on a consistent basis.


Looking for help from the experts to see where you may be able to improve? Request a free assessment of your labeling environment - we'll help identify what's working well, what needs improvement, and what specific steps you can take to improve your labeling environment.


Request Free Labeling Assessment


When it comes to labeling, we all know that the label needs to include the necessary data with a quality barcode to ensure product movement and traceability. Part of our mission at TEKLYNX to help companies Barcode Better is getting in front of manufacturing companies to educate and guide on the best ways to design labels, populate data on labels, print labels, and implement quality controls. 

Most companies today have a labeling solution in place. Is it the right solution for the job? Is your labeling process optimized for speed and quality? Let’s look at a few areas that trigger the need to re-evaluate your labeling process.


Is Your Business Experiencing Any of These Signs?


  1. Business growth, industry consolidation, or changes in the market
  2. Changes within your current technology environment
  3. Business initiatives that affect your labeling
  4. Ever-changing labeling regulations (internally or externally)
  5. New demands from your customers and suppliers


If you answered "yes” to any of those signs, you’re not alone. In a study, we asked our customers when the last time was that they evaluated their labeling system. 30% have waited over 3 years, and another 20% have never evaluated. To prevent labeling emergencies and implement healthy habits, we recommend evaluating your labeling system every 6-8 months. Read on to learn about five common signs that it's time to evaluate your labeling system.


1. Business Growth


The goal of running a business is to make money, right? A great way to make more money is by expanding your company. When you’re at the heart of experiencing growth, it makes sense to evaluate your current labeling process to identify if it will support your future business needs.


Common business growth events that impact labeling:



Shot of graph on computer screen


2. Changes in your Current Technology Environment


Labeling can be a "set it and forget it" effort for a lot of businesses, but it shouldn't be. Change happens and it’s important to stay up to date with current technology to avoid compatibility issues.


Common technology environment changes that impact labeling:



The simplest way to protect your business is to keep your technology updated. For your labeling software, this means upgrading to the latest version at least once a year. Major version launches include new features to help your company improve labeling, and minor point releases include security improvements and bug fixes. 

When bigger changes occur in your technology environment, take the opportunity to explore better integration methods between your labeling software and your business system. Newly preferred technology, such as RESTful API, often provides significant benefits that create a ripple effect in your business. 


3. Business & Process Improvement Initiatives


There are always current trends to follow to keep a healthy and balanced life. The same is true for your business system.


Common business and process improvement initiatives that impact labeling:



Chemical labels


4. Regulatory Compliance for Labeling


Labeling regulations are often introduced to improve traceability or protect consumer and worker safety. Many of these regulations require your labels to follow strict guidelines so that you remain compliant across industries.


How might these affect your labeling system:



5. Customers Demanding More from Your Labeling System


Customers and suppliers can contribute to the complexity of your labeling system. The more organizations that your company works with, the more rules you must follow. Therefore, it’s crucial that your company is prepared to meet demands at every turn.


Not meeting these expectations could result in:



Manufacturers who have multiple upstream suppliers understand that labels on incoming goods must be accurate. Supplier labeling is a critical component of an efficient supply chain, and a unified supplier labeling system can have a big impact on overall efficiency and the bottom line. 


Start Evaluating Your Labeling System Today


Give your labeling system the care it needs and evaluate your labeling system when faced with these five signs. Get started by requesting a free assessment of your labeling system.



About Doug


Doug Niemeyer is the President & General Manager at TEKLYNX Americas. He leverages his 25+ years of sales & marketing experience in technology and leadership to help grow the business. His passion for leadership, insatiable curiosity, and competitive spirit help to drive success, encourage progress and development while ensuring teams hold positive customer experiences in the highest regard, all with the purpose of helping companies barcode better. When he is not working you can find him in a gym, on a field or golf course playing or coaching. 


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