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How to Prove ROI by Integrating Labeling with Your ERP System

Nick Recht

How to Prove ROI by Integrating Labeling with Your ERP System


No matter what industry you’re in, proving Return on Investment (ROI) is always a top priority. Are you getting more than what you put in? How much money did you save? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can prove ROI with ERP labeling integration. Within this blog you will learn about TEKLYNX ERP labeling integration process, why our integration process helps improve your ROI, and how to prove ERP labeling integration ROI.  




Before diving in, let’s first cover what an ERP system is. An ERP system is used by businesses around the world to cohesively manage multiple departments and functions of the enterprise. An effective ERP system can coordinate supply chain, financial, and human resources to function together in harmony. With ERP integration, there's no manual distraction, which means no more manual errors.

Some popular ERP providers include SAP, EPICOR, Global Shop Solutions, and Oracle.  

ERP Systems

TEKLYNX software is compatible with these providers and many more.


Why You Should Integrate Labeling with Your ERP System


Often times organizations leverage the data from their business systems in their barcode labeling process in a manual fashion. We like to call this, "file, open, print, and pray." The individual responsible for printing labels opens the label designer, browses for the correct label file, manually populates the necessary print-time data, hits print, and prays they didn't make any errors. Integrating your label printing system with your ERP system promises to minimize errors, increase print speeds, and maximize your ROI. While an integration project may seem overwhelming, setting your business up for success now means an even more successful business in the future. Why wait? 


File, open, print, and pray


TEKLYNX ERP Labeling Integration Process 


TEKLYNX’ unique integration method means that upgrading is a breeze – not a hassle. Our ERP labeling integration solution relies on simple integration, avoiding complex system integration and constraints. Your ERP system simply adds a record to a database or generates a flat file with the information needed to print. The label printing system sees the new record or file and triggers the print job. When it comes time to upgrade your ERP system, as long as it can continue to generate the flat file, your integrated barcode label printing software from TEKLYNX will continue to work seamlessly.


Why our Integration Process Helps Improve Your ROI


So, why is TEKLYNX simple integration a better option compared to competitors? A deeper integration between the two systems means a simple upgrade could take days or even weeks of development time to ensure the existing system continues to work well with the upgraded system. An extensive upgrade period could also mean downtime for labeling, which means finished goods are not leaving the facility. All in all, a deeper integration is a great way for software developers to keep billing your company.  

TEKLYNX enterprise label management products are simple solutions that include numerous optional feature sets. In the instance a needed feature doesn’t exist, it’s common for TEKLNX to develop the requested functionality for the customer and then include it in the next version release of the software for all end users to leverage. When updates are needed, your support contract provides access to our experts and best in class support where each phone call is answered by a real person – no automated voice messages here! 


How to Prove ROI with Your ERP Labeling Process


One of the biggest questions you’re probably asking yourself is, “How can I quantify my ROI?” The first thing you should do is look into your current process. Some questions you need to ask yourself are:  



The ROI is essentially determined by three key factors:  


  1. The ongoing cost of your current solution
  2. The ongoing cost of the new integrated solution 
  3. The investment of executing the new solution 

One business reduced their costs by $8,476 per year by integrating labeling with their ERP system. This process drives roughly $42,000 directly back to the bottom line every five years! Are you ready to set your company up for success and start seeing ROI? Get in touch with a labeling expert today to discuss integrating your labeling with your ERP system. 




About Nick


Nick Recht is the Sales Manager for the Americas region at TEKLYNX RFID and barcode label solution provider. He leverages his passion for using technology to add value to businesses and his 15 years of AIDC experience to help organizations of all sizes barcode better. When he is not working, he is driving one of his daughters to a practice of some sort or doing a project around the house.


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Mark Pavlansky / Date: 5/28/2020

Just curious if you've ever integrated with the M1 product from ECi Sofware Solutions?

TEKLYNX / Date: 6/2/2020

Hello Mark! Our software is able to integrate with virtually any ERP system, as long as it can add a record to a database or export a flat file to a folder. One of our representatives will be in touch with you soon to further discuss your labeling and integration needs.

Appsian / Date: 4/21/2021

Thank you for sharing your blog, seems to be useful information can’t wait to dig deep!

Cannabis Equipment Financing / Date: 5/26/2022

I read this piece of writing fully about the difference of most recent and preceding technologies, its awesome article.


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