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Wir bei TEKLYNX glauben, dass Barcode-Software nicht nur etwas ist, was Sie kaufen. Es ist eine integrierte Technologielösung, die Ihr Unternehmen zum Laufen bringt.


Scalable Barcode Labeling Through Better Connections

Tony Bieniewski

Scalable Barcode Labeling Through Better Connections


According to Gartner, scalability is “the measure of a system’s ability to increase or decrease in performance and cost in response to changes in application and system processing demands.” Scalability is critical for any technology used in business, including labeling software.


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If your company’s labeling software isn’t easily scalable, it can become a bottleneck to business growth. In this blog, we’ll discuss ways to make sure your labeling system is prepared for future growth and maximum scalability.  


Select a Barcode Labeling Partner with Scalability in Mind 


Many small, local businesses start out with the simplest, lowest-cost labeling software they can find. When profit margins are thin, keeping costs low is a high priority. The key is to select a labeling partner that enables your company to grow into increasingly robust solutions without disruption. With a vendor that only offers simple freeware, there inevitably comes a time when your company outgrows the free software and needs to move to a more scalable barcode labeling solution. Replacing your vendor often means redesigning all your label files. 


When you choose a labeling partner that can grow with you, label files are forward compatible and transitioning to more robust and powerful labeling software is much more seamless. For example, TEKLYNX offers three label design solutions, each offering more features and integration options as you move up in labeling process complexity. Each label design solution offered by TEKLYNX is licensed per user, available in multi-user network licenses, and includes options for unlimited printer connections at no additional cost. TEKLYNX is the only labeling software provider to offer subscription licensing at a low cost of entry.


When your company requires additional efficiency and security, TEKLYNX offers enterprise labeling solutions that work directly with our CODESOFT label design software. SENTINEL offers label print automation, and LABEL ARCHIVE offers label security and traceability. TEKLYNX CENTRAL combines label design, print automation, and traceability into an all-in-one label management solution and adds a browser-based label printing interface to make label printing securely accessible from anywhere in the world. Use the TEKLYNX Product Selector Tool to find out which labeling solution is right for your business.  



Beyond offering a variety of labeling software, a labeling partner should also provide solution-focused customer support. Truly solution-focused customer support representatives not only solve the issue at hand but recommend process improvements to set you up for long-term success. At TEKLYNX, our award-winning customer support team is well-trained on labeling best practices. Our goal is to help companies barcode better by offering better solutions and superior customer support experiences


Assess Barcode Labeling System Scalability Regularly 


Business growth can happen unexpectedly, and labeling should never be a bottleneck that stands in the way. Whether your company is opening new locations, expanding into new markets, or part of a merger or acquisition, a scalable barcode labeling system means you’re ready for anything. Regular labeling system assessments prevent unpleasant surprises. 


Experts recommend assessing your labeling system scalability at least once a year, or whenever you update your operating system, business systems, or hardware. Follow these guidelines: 



Download our free eBook, 5 Signs It’s Time to Evaluate Your Labeling System, and our fillable Labeling Assessment Worksheet


Scalable Browser-Based Barcode Labeling 


For maximum scalability in your barcode labeling system, browser-based label printing is hard to beat. Instead of locally installing label design software on each workstation, users are given a username and password to access a secure website where they can print labels. A simplified interface is provided to allow label selection and data population without the ability to edit the label template.  


Browser-based label printing combines the best labeling practices into one solution: 




To maximize scalability in your barcode labeling environment, request a demo of TEKLYNX CENTRAL


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Learn more about scalable barcode labeling systems in our free infographic

About Anthony


Anthony Bieniewski is the Operations and IT Manager at TEKLYNX. Anthony uses his 15+ years of experience in IT infrastructure and security to continue to move TEKLYNX forward with efficient and secure processes and tools. He also leverages that experience in mentoring and coaching TEKLYNX’s support team so that they can continue to pursue best practices when helping our customers barcode better. 


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