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Flexible Barcode Labeling Processes Enabled by Better Connections

Travis Wayne

Flexible Barcode Labeling Processes Enabled by Better Connections


If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s to be flexible. Companies need to be agile enough to change quickly with new regulations or industry standards and keep up with consumer demands.


Make sure your labeling environment is flexible enough to withstand major or minor changes without disrupting operations and production, and ultimately your profitability. Better connections in your barcode labeling process can help you do just that!


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This blog post will discuss how flexible barcode labeling processes can better prepare you for what will come in the future.


Connect to multiple data sources with smart label templates 


Using smart label templates with database connections makes your label printing system resilient to changes within your business. Since the label data is being accessed real-time from your business system, it’s sure to be up to date and changes to product information are implemented seamlessly. 


Beyond being able to connect your labels to an ERP system, Excel spreadsheet, or another database to pull information into label templates, you can also automatically collect data at print time from a device connected via a port, such as a: 



This PortWatch feature in CODESOFT gives you the flexibility to pull accurate data from multiple sources into your label templates without manual data entry. 




When manual data entry is truly unavoidable within your barcode labeling process, you can use custom label printing forms to help users enter data correctly and reduce the risk of labeling errors. These print forms can be adapted to create your ideal printing process and can include a variety of field options, including text, radio button lists, incrementing numbers, sliders (to select data via a scroll bar), date pickers, and more. You can also place data validation on fields, such as requiring a phone number to be in a specific format or only allowing a maximum of 10 characters. 


Leverage cloud technology to manage labels from anywhere 


The adoption of cloud technology became a necessity in the face of a global pandemic as our world went (mostly) remote and is transforming how barcode labeling processes are set up. 


Locally saved files limit accessibility. By connecting to cloud data and storing label files centrally in cloud locations, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, authorized users can securely access label files from anywhere with an internet connection. Leveraging cloud technology also protects you from losing label files and production downtime due to hardware malfunctions. 




To take leveraging cloud technology one step further in your labeling environment, you can have your labeling software hosted in the cloud and centralize control of label printing at multiple locations. This allows any print user to access a simple label printing interface while removing the burden of IT maintenance, such as server management, software upgrades, and local installations. Possibly the most beneficial feature in cloud-hosted label printing is the ability to print labels remotely from any location at any time to the plant floor. Whether you are in the office, on the plant floor, or at home, you can execute print jobs with approved labels from the cloud, providing accurate labels for your production team in the manufacturing facility. 


Companies with centrally managed barcode labeling processes are extremely well-equipped to adapt to changes within the marketplace and the supply chain. 


Print your labels in-house and on demand


When you manage your labeling – from design to print – inside your four walls, you not only have full control over the process, but the flexibility to change things quickly due to: 



Printing labels as you need them also helps cut down on wasted label stock and save money in the long run. Instead of having to order in excessive minimum quantities, you can print labels on-demand to ensure you never have to throw out rolls and rolls of pre-ordered labels that have become obsolete. 


Migrating from outsourced to in-house labeling case study


All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc. was leveraging a third-party company to design and print their client's private labeling orders, at a minimum print quantity of 2,500 labels. This process took two to three weeks, which negatively impacted customer satisfaction for those not willing or able to wait that long. Reprints due to simple design changes to pre-printed labels meant wasted label stock taking up space in their facility and thousands of dollars lost. 


All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc. approached TEKLYNX directly for a software solution to support:  



With the help of TEKLYNX CENTRAL, All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc. increased labeling accuracy and speed, fulfilling private labeling orders 85% faster. In-house labeling and centralized label management gave All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc. the agility to create client labels on-demand and the technology to modernize their labeling environment. Read the full case study


Install network licensing so labeling isn’t limited to one workstation 


You can have more than one user running barcode labeling software at the same time from different workstations - without having to manage multiple single user licenses - through network licensing.  


Network licenses act as “floating licenses,” and are hosted in a centralized location, like a server. The software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers on the same network and multiple people can be running the software simultaneously, based on the number of network users your license includes. You can have a 3, 5, or 10 network user license and add on 5 users as needed.  


Having more users be able to run the software from different workstations to help create a more flexible labeling environment doesn’t have to come with a high price tag, either. TEKLYNX Subscription Licensing is a cost-effective solution with predictable and lower up-front costs. 


Flexible barcode labeling through better connections 


Trust TEKLYNX to help you gain flexibility and create better connections in your labeling environment, so your barcode labeling process is agile enough to easily handle changes.  


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Want more content on the topic of flexible barcode labeling? Watch our video below and view our infographic


About Travis


Travis Wayne is the Product Manager at TEKLYNX. Travis applies his 20+ years of IT and health sciences experience to empower businesses to streamline operations and barcode better by applying software and technology. He works to continually improve TEKLYNX strategic planning, product and project management principles, and cross-functional communications. When not working, he enjoys many outdoor activities with his wife and two children. 


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