Nutrition labeling

Do you need to create food labels with nutrition information that complies with European or international regulations?

Whatever type of nutrition label is required, CODESOFT 2018 allows you to create the labels you need.
Nutrition facts label

 Nutrition Label 4 systems

Design & print EU compliant food labels now - download a nutrition label sample

Nutrition label sample

The enhanced GridField* feature allows you to automate your nutrition labeling process, using data from multiple databases.

Nutrition label sample compliance

  • Display nutritional values dynamically (per 100g or per serving)
  • Automate calculation of the values you want to display for each nutrient
  • Compute the percentage of reference intake values
  • Ensure ingredients and allergens are perfectly legible
  • Design labels with variable formats, colours, fonts, styles and effects
  • Integrate all types of barcodes and create labels in any language

* GridField is only available in CODESOFT 2018 - Standard & VM - Runtime (print only), Enterprise & Network editions.

Download our "Nutrition Labeling Compliance" brochure to learn more...

 Nutrition brochure