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TEKLYNX provides GS1-128 label software to help improve your efficiency and increase productivity to help serve your customers.

The customer is always changing their mind and the competition is always growing. You need to get a product on the shelf on time that meets your customer’s expectations – we can help you do that by integrating into your existing systems and automating your complex labeling processes.  Improve your overall customer satisfaction and start improving your labeling process.

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Last year, we refreshed some of the hardware and software and upgraded the servers in the U.S. and Europe. We still have a team that is upgrading some locations to SAP. During the conversion they transition to the standard system, including labels and network upgrades.

- Project Manager,Food & Fragrance Manufacturer


  • Product labeling
  • Conform to retailers' carton labeling requirements based on the GS1-128 label specification
  • Integrate label printing and inventory tracking operations with enterprise information systems
  • Meet labeling compliance requirements