Food & Beverage

Focus on customer satisfaction and value and let TEKLYNX food label software focus on your labeling processes.

Requirements for labels in the Food & Beverage (FAB) industry can often be complex and vary from one product to another. TEKLYNX understands your unique requirements and provides software products to help simplify the entire labeling process, starting with the label design. Whether you have a simple or complex labeling process, you can meet virtually any food compliance labeling requirement with TEKLYNX.

Our solutions make it easy to comply with the EU 1169/2011 and international regulations on allergens, nutrition and food label legibility.


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We wanted to work with somebody that knew their product backwards and forwards and had a track record, and TEKLYNX did.

- Greg Nelson,Co-Founder of Genesis


  • Meet Food & Drug Administration (FDA) identification requirements
  • Container labeling
  • Shipping labels
  • Integrate label printing and inventory tracking operations with enterprise information systems