CODESOFT is advanced label design and integration software that offers unmatched flexibility, power, and support – making it the best choice for label printing in enterprise environments. With CODESOFT + SENTINEL, you can easily integrate label printing into your business process, increasing both efficiency and control. SENTINEL seamlessly runs in the background of your system and gives you the ability to centrally print on hundreds of printers all at the same time. Once data is received by SENTINEL, the application will take care of the rest of your printing process with no need for human intervention.

Business Benefits

CODESOFT + SENTINEL provide automated printing for your label designs.

Increased EfficiencyLabel creation takes a fraction of the time with CODESOFT’s intelligent interface, helpful wizards, and fast database connections.

Reduced IT OverheadEliminate unnecessary IT interaction when it comes to your print management. SENTINEL, as an automated printing solution, requires little to no manual maintenance once it is configured.

Integration with Existing Data SENTINEL's unique Mapper tool does all the work for you by decoding any type of data and automatically mapping it to text, bar codes, or images on your labels. You can automatically and continuously convert data from disparate systems like Oracle and SAP.


  • Intuitive label design capabilities with a streamlined data entry process and simplified database connections.
  • Integration with multiple systems and multiple printers across your enterprise environment.
  • The ability to print to multiple printers on your network at one time.
  • Secure backups through duplication of all configuration data, giving you a secondary server to rely on during upgrades or scheduled maintenance.