TEKLYNX Strategic Partner

Being a TEKLYNX Strategic Partner is an opportunity to differentiate your business. With the expanding growth of software, having a solid business strategy to integrate software sales into your business plan is essential for success.

TEKLYNX is leading a channel development initiative. We plan on continuing to invest time, money, and efforts for the partners who believe in and commit to software as a strategy and are loyal to TEKLYNX. Through the initiative, we’ll be working closely with our partners to help you develop a stronger strategy and strengthen our relationship for future success.

Along with the benefits of being a TEKLYNX Reseller, TEKLYNX will work with Strategic Partners to continuously improve your ability to generate TEKLYNX leads that result in wins. As a result of your proven ability to identify, qualify, and close leads, TEKLYNX Strategic Partners will also receive qualified sales leads from TEKLYNX – contributing to a continuous lead stream and a lower cost of sales for your business.

In order to easily track leads generated by your company and/or received from us, TEKLYNX Strategic Partners will have access to our intuitive Lead Manager tool to track, manage, and report on TEKLYNX software leads.

Differentiate your business by becoming a TEKLYNX Strategic Partner. To learn more, fill out our Strategic Partner Program interest form, or contact TEKLYNX Partner Relationship Manager at 414-837-4768.

Check out our infographic to explore if you should consider the TEKLYNX Strategic Partner Program.