CODESOFT 10 is Now Available – Download a Demo Today!

CODESOFT 10 was updated to meet your business needs now and in the future, regardless of the size of your organization or the demand of your labeling project. The new features in CODESOFT 10 help your business simplify complex processes and easily adapt to change.

  • Fit to Frame – Dynamically resize text to a specific area based on the amount of text contained in the field.
  • PortWatch – Automatically populate information from a scale or scanner, eliminating the risk of user error in transcription.
  • Pocket Printing – Quickly download labels to a Windows Mobile device, so you can print without connecting to a workstation.
  • TextArt Shape Interaction – Easily set text to interact in a predictable way with overlapping objects.

TEKLYNX software is designed to grow with your business. CODESOFT 10 can smoothly integrate into any level of TEKLYNX enterprise solution as your business grows to require print automation, label traceability, and web printing.

Learn more about the benefits of CODESOFT 10 – Download the brochure.

Try the new features for yourself – Download a demo of CODESOFT 10 today!