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Who should use TEKLYNX CENTRAL?

  • Companies who need a single unified solution to handle label design, approval, printing, and reporting.
  • Companies with a defined business process that governs their labeling tasks.
  • Companies who print labels at multiple locations.
  • Companies who are required to meet industry standards for product labeling.
  • Companies who need an easy-to-use Web printing interface.

What are some features of TEKLYNX CENTRAL?

  • Web-Based Administrative Interface – All administrative functions for the printing interface are done through the web, so you can control the printing system from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Enhanced Local Printing – When you add or remove printers, TEKLYNX CENTRAL 3 will automatically install the corresponding drivers onto your workstation.
  • Custom User Logic – Administrators can customize the printing interface based on who is logged in. Work orders, products, labels, and printers can all be configured to be available on a per-user basis.
  • Updated Browser Support – Administrators, designers, and print users can access the TEKLYNX CENTRAL 3 web interface using any of the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome).

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