Using Print Automation to Build ROI

Download TEKLYNX' live webinar, Using Print Automation to Build ROI, presented by Nick Recht, TEKLYNX Enterprise Product Manager. In this webinar, Nick discusses print automation and the Return On Investment (ROI) your company can expect from implementation.

Key talking points:

  • Overview of print automation
    • What is it?
    • Is it for you?
  • Business benefits of print automation
    • Case studies
    • Print automation ROI examples
  • Live demonstration of TEKLYNX’ print automation software, SENTINEL

To download Using Print Automation to Build ROI, click here


Statistics from attendees:

  • Does your printing process have manual steps that could be eliminated with the use of print automation?
    • 60% said "Yes"
    • 31% said "Not Sure"
    • 9% said "No"

  • Within your business, how long does it take you to generate 1 print request?
    • 40% said "31-60 seconds"
    • 30% said "Less than 30 seconds"
    • 16% said "61-90 seconds"
    • 14% said "More than 91 seconds"

  • Do you use automation in any part of your business?
    • 56% said "Yes"
    • 41% said "No"