Using Formulas in CODESOFT and LABELVIEW

TEKLYNX Training Webinar: Using Formulas in CODESOFT & LABELVIEWUsing formulas in CODESOFT or LABELVIEW means endless data options are at your fingertips. From basic mathematical operations to complex check digit algorithms, formulas make it possible to display a wide variety of data on a label.

Get the recording of the live webinar, Using Formulas in CODESOFT and LABELVIEW, led by TEKLYNX Enterprise Support Technician Rob Lierman.

Note: Attending the Basic and Advanced training webinar for your product is highly recommended, as Basic and Advanced training topics are not covered in this webinar. Register for Basic and Advanced training sessions here.


This instructor-led training webinar covers:

  • Why use formulas?
  • What can formulas do?
  • How to create and use formulas for:
    1. Check characters
    2. Conversion
    3. Date & time
    4. Logical
    5. Math
    6. Text
    7. Operators
    8. Data sources
  • Advanced counters
  • Advanced date stamps
  • @validforprint formula
  • Question & answer
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