4 Underutilized Features to Make Your Labeling Life Easier

In this webinar, 4 Underutilized Features to Make Your Labeling Life Easier, Casey Sciano, TEKLYNX Partner Relationship Manager, and Nick Recht, TEKLYNX Enterprise Product Manager, discuss and demonstrate 4 helpful, yet underutilized, software features that can drastically improve your efficiency and make your labeling life much easier. Download the recording now!

In this 45 minute webinar, Casey and Nick discuss and demonstrate each of the following 4 features:

  1. Forms (Form Designer & Form Viewer)
    • Access label templates, preview screen, and print labels all in one customizable interface, without opening the software or risking unauthorized edits to your labels
  2. VBScripting
    • Program custom variables within your labels
  3. Database Driven Variable Images
    • Use a database to change variable images using one template, instead of managing to hundreds of different label files
  4. PortWatch
    • Streamline processes and limit user errors by using hardware such as a scale, scanner, or other input to trigger printing
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